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  1. Introduction It seems nearly a lifetime ago now when Honeycomb Aeronautical invaded the psyche of the flight simulator community, tempting us with the announcement on the development of their Alpha Flight Controls. After a few years delay, due to Honeycomb refining the design, the community was finally rewarded with the first dedicated and reasonably affordable yoke and switch panel in more than a decade since the launch of the Saitek Pro Flight range. Following on, Honeycomb announced the development of the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, and the flight simulator community was further whipped i
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  2. Introduction Rex Game Studios are a company synonymous with flight simulation weather. As far back as 2007 when Reed Stough and Tim Fuchs partnered to create REX, they realised Microsoft Flight Simulator severely lacked a realistic environmental system, with Tim's texturing skills and Reed's expertise with weather engines they forged a company still ahead of the game today. REX announced and released their latest product Weather Force within a month of the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Why REX? In the development of MSFS, Asobo Studios partnered with Swiss company Meteo
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  3. Introduction Since establishing Iris Simulations in 2005, David Love-Brice has built an excellent team of developers, artists, and code writers with a solid reputation for producing great add-on aircraft for Microsoft FSX, and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. The recent release of Microsoft Flight Simulator has produced the expected flurry of excitement for the flight simulation community and Iris Simulations have been quick to support the community with the release of their first add-on aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Jabiru J160/J170. Let’s jump into the cockpit of the Iris Simula
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  4. As arguably the most important PC gaming release from Microsoft for over a decade, FS2020, or “Microsoft Flight Simulator” as it is officially called, could not afford to make the same mistakes as the last release in the franchise; the disastrous “Microsoft Flight” – which took off with about as much success as the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose (that’s the first and last flight-related pun, we promise). The problem with Flight was, in its quest to be more accessible to beginners, it totally turned its back on the hardcore enthusiasts that had loyally supported the previous versions of the s
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  5. Introduction Air Hauler and Air Hauler 2 were designed specifically to give structure to your flight simulator sessions by giving you something meaningful to do by creating a company, and to get the you flying to new interesting airports, rather than shuttling between the same old scenery add-ons. Air Hauler 2 expands on things to do in the AirHauler world by adding passenger flights, commodities, crafting, and aircraft construction. Air Hauler 2 allows you to create, or fly in a Virtual Airline to co-operate with other Air Hauler 2 players. Or, if you just want to barnstorm without
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