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  1. Just Flight are pitching it as a "professional-level" add-on, and it is an in-house production. Their previous in-house developments have been superb and it has an impressive feature list. I think for a product at this price point should have some limited demo available as if you if don't have the skill or knowledge to fly it it's much better to find out before dishing out the spondulips.
  2. mutley

    quack quack

    Wow I had forgotten about the "ugly" Duck! A unique aircraft
  3. mutley


    I agree, she looks sleek and powerful.
  4. mutley


    Good work Jankees, on my list of liveries to install, I'm getting fed up with the default.
  5. mutley

    RCAF MB-339

    ... looks good .. Yes!
  6. Got to love that scenery, the MB339 isn't bad either!
  7. mutley


    Unusual camo, I like it!
  8. That because it includes the USA update!
  9. Wow, I am speechless! Thanks for the demo, you have more pre-flight than Falcon 9!
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