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  1. Another fine production Frank! Well that's a conflict I never really know about, thanks for the history lesson
  2. Great post! I really appreciate all the time and effort it takes to produce videos like this. Bravo
  3. A great place to fly those bridges. I remember shooting that bridge over 20 years ago!
  4. Just so realistic. Loads to learn Phil!
  5. Have to say it sounds like it as come on leaps and bounds. I was only talking to a friend yesterday about VR. I think I will sit on my hands for a while. It's great to hear a positive outcome for you. Cheers.
  6. Hi Phil, glad you like the eye tracker, I had one about five years ago and just couldn't get on with it, it seemed unnatural to use your eyes to scroll the screen and made my eyes ache. I sold it at one of the Cosford shows. I thought I had done a review on it but cannot find it in the archives. Feel free to write a review and we can publish it! Not wanting to end on a downer I am sure the newer versions work better than my early release version. If only we could try these things out before purchasing.
  7. Nice to have plenty of variety JK. Thanks for all your time spent for our enjoyment.
  8. Love the Body & Soul!
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