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  1. A great show case for MSFS @Doering You look to have your sim set up well as the graphics are stunning. Well done!
  2. A fantastic squadron JK! The scenery is looking very hot too
  3. Sharon makes do whilst her hair dryer is out of use.
  4. Sorry for the delay guys, looking forward to the (clean) responses!
  5. Love the use of depth of field in the first two!
  6. Great choice of aircraft James, I had a fly in her yesterday with the crew, and she flew brilliantly!
  7. "Horses for courses" Phil, DCS will always be the dogs b******* but this is designed to work on MSFS so it's always going to be less realistic.
  8. mutley

    MSFS views

    +1 Great to see more of your distinctive style. I hope you are over your operation now.
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