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  1. Wow, incredible quality and great use of multimedia, great viewing, thanks for sharing. I didn't think the northern lights were included in MSFS yet?
  2. Hey Max Great to hear from you, we still plod along, we see the youngsters come and go but the oldies keep the Hangar ticking over
  3. Try using ALT+Z to get the main interface up and see if you can run it from there. Otherwise it may have been corrupted changed by an Nvidia update?
  4. Well, they have the money to do it (see Brett's post above!) EDIT: Ah see they now call themselves Amazon Air.
  5. It shouldn't matter if you are full screen or windowed, you just need the Geforce Experience installed. ALT+Z brings up the main Interface. https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/geforce-experience/
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