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  1. Lovely shots of a lovely aircraft.
  2. Still putting it through its paces Phil. There are some limitations to the functionality blamed on the MSFS SDK but overall great fun. The sound set is awesome and gets the windows rattling with the deep growl. I think for just over £18 it is good value, and long overdue!
  3. Having a blast near Dover. At last a Spitfire available for MSFS!
  4. Green (..as in How ..... was my.. Staring Walter Pidgeon 1941)
  5. mutley


    Yep, nice work, I even have the tee shirt!
  6. Beautiful production Doering, I really enjoyed the relaxing music.
  7. Looks almost 3D Phil!
  8. mutley


    Great picture.
  9. Introduction Air Hauler and Air Hauler 2 were designed specifically to give structure to your flight simulator sessions by giving you something meaningful to do by creating a company, and to get the you flying to new interesting airports, rather than shuttling between the same old scenery add-ons. Air Hauler 2 expands on things to do in the AirHauler world by adding passenger flights, commodities, crafting, and aircraft construction. Air Hauler 2 allows you to create, or fly in a Virtual Airline to co-operate with other Air Hauler 2 players. Or, if you just want to barnstorm without
  10. mutley


    Awesome shot.
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