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  1. mutley

    quack quack

    Wow I had forgotten about the "ugly" Duck! A unique aircraft
  2. mutley


    I agree, she looks sleek and powerful.
  3. mutley


    Good work Jankees, on my list of liveries to install, I'm getting fed up with the default.
  4. mutley

    RCAF MB-339

    ... looks good .. Yes!
  5. Got to love that scenery, the MB339 isn't bad either!
  6. mutley


    Unusual camo, I like it!
  7. That because it includes the USA update!
  8. Wow, I am speechless! Thanks for the demo, you have more pre-flight than Falcon 9!
  9. Wow! (again) some of the best footage I have seen from a live hardware sim cockpit. Is it situated in a room/ shed? or in a cockpit shell? A few years ago I visited a late friend of mine in Florida (Marion County) who was half way through converting a KLM 737 front end, I can only imagine that it would have looked something like this had he completed it.
  10. Thanks for posting Michael, a lot going on there.
  11. Tuxedo (Sounds like somewhere in the USA?)
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