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  1. A very nice introduction, I miss the 337 so it's back on my list. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice piece of investigation as well as painting. It's quite aptly named the barrel!
  3. Again, a beautiful selection of liveries, the Starfighter was my favourite jet as a kid.
  4. Nice selection JK, I just love those tri radial aircraft.
  5. Sacha Distel (Foreign singer) famed for his version of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"
  6. Dacia (Romanian car manufacturer owned by Renault )
  7. Nice work Doering, I took a tea break (as we do in the UK!) and watched it, I like documentaries so this was right up my street. The music was quite nice too. Thanks for sharing
  8. Hey Taff! Totally with you with length of flights etc. I have met my ideal a/c with the Aerosoft Twin Otter, a nice mix of steam gauges and mid range GPS, the scenery does it for me New Zealand is my playground when I am on my own. Life is good!
  9. Thanks Neil, you never know the MEBAR could be back one day
  10. Multi-Coloured Swap Shop - Saturday morning children's program of the Eighties.
  11. More very interesting content Dave, it's so nice to see something out of the ordinary.
  12. mutley


    Classic aircraft and some nice angles.
  13. Love this stubby little aircraft the yellow on the top wing really makes it stand out.
  14. Soon to be released to the MSFS market is the much-anticipated Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter -100 and -300 series. This go anywhere, do anything GA aircraft is the No.1 choice for bush pilots and extreme landing experts alike. First built in 1955 and 844 aircraft later this aircraft is still going strong today. It has 13 models included featuring cargo, skydiver, and passenger variants with a choice of gear, floats, amphibian, tundra or skis for all wet, dry, and icy conditions. The Twin Otter is a true workhorse in extreme conditions from the freezing Antarctic to the sublime luxury of the M
  15. She certainly gets around James, another super repaint!
  16. Hi Neil, thanks for raising this point, it is very frustrating to me too. There are many reasons why there is no much action on here, here are some of them. Young members have grown up and moved on, we have at least one commercial pilot, several GA pilots, an ATC and a surgeon in our alumni . Interest has moved to social media where the airwaves are ruled by Vloggers who moneterise their sites get give-aways from manufacturers etc. and have a huge quantity of followers. People have so little time to get (or want to be involved in a community forum). Lack of engag
  17. mutley


    Great shots and I love the reg!
  18. A true classic, that last shot sends shivers down my spine!
  19. JUST FLIGHT PRESS RELEASE – 6th JANUARY 2022 REALISTIC TAXIWAYS COME TO EUROPE FOR MSFS! From Developer Black Square we bring you Real Taxiways Europe. This new EUROPE edition of Real Taxiways includes 1,165 airports in 40 countries updated with 41,500+ taxiway signs. The USA & EUROPE BUNDLE gives a substantial saving and includes all the content of the new Europe add-on PLUS all the content from the Real Taxiways USA - Class B, C, D & Non-towered Airports package which went on sale in August 2021. These Real Taxiways expansions for MSFS will greatly enhance ma
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