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  1. Got the sound going and you are right about the sound, the ATC really makes it sound authentic.
  2. Yeah! Way to go Doering, I had no sound (my problem) but the visuals were great!
  3. I think that limits you to FlightGear?
  4. Great content as always Frank and excellent quality too!
  5. A great advert for this scenery, I assume this is showcasing the Italy world update? Thanks for posting.
  6. Hey Frank, I'm just catching up after a vacation, love that video and the location. It also brings back great memories of one of our previous MEBAR rallies in 2014 when the theme was "Have You Seen the Light" and most of the waypoints were Scottish lighthouses. Thanks for the memory..
  7. Awesome video as always Michael!
  8. A great place to fly, love to be deep in the bush Very entertaining as always Frank.
  9. mutley

    F-104 Dusty

    That livery made me smile! Thanks
  10. Wow, she looks great, next purchase for me
  11. Very entertaining, I love your combi videos and the quality is peerless! Thanks for posting.
  12. Some nice locations Frank! BTW Scotch is Whisky, Whiskey is Irish (Still a great drink though)
  13. Looks great Phil, I took a tour of the area too and it is pretty good now!
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