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  1. Great choice of aircraft James, I had a fly in her yesterday with the crew, and she flew brilliantly!
  2. "Horses for courses" Phil, DCS will always be the dogs b******* but this is designed to work on MSFS so it's always going to be less realistic.
  3. mutley

    MSFS views

    +1 Great to see more of your distinctive style. I hope you are over your operation now.
  4. Hey Gary, that's not a good experience you are having I have seen elsewhere of these spikey axis, I hope a resolution is found.
  5. Thanks Needles, I will take a look.
  6. JUST FLIGHT PRESS RELEASE – 19TH AUGUST 2021 F-14 A/B TOMCAT CLEARED FOR LAUNCH! DC Designs' new F-14 A/B Tomcat package for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now on sale, bringing you highly detailed and VR-ready A and B models in a total of seven paint schemes, with front and rear cockpit positions, authentic cockpit night lighting, custom sound sets for both variants and custom-coded manoeuvring flaps, slats and intake ramps. Among the other features are F-14 Tomcat systems which include Direct Lift Control, CADC and basic ACLS, Head-Up Display, reflective glass, icing and rain e
  7. Not lost your special touch Dolf, you have taken to MSFS like a fish to water! I like how natural you get the sky to look.
  8. Hi Gary, that is a real tale of woe, there are some outstanding problems I understand but I thought one of the hot fixes addressed it. I use the Bravo too and the flap switch works fine, it's set up like this: I have pitot heat set to the first switch, that should show as "Joystick button 35" and it works in the sim. Have you tried creating a new profile?
  9. Hi Martin, I am not an active user of P3D anymore but I remember those misplaced trees and bushes. The ATC thing seems more like the real world, the background sound muting when the ATC is talking. As for improvements for the general scenery, look at REX or Orbx scenery improvements. Cheers, Joe
  10. Just love those radials. Nice collection Jury
  11. mutley


    Lovely shots, the first one really looks to be of the period.
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