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  1. One of my favourite aircraft and such a good looker in your paints!
  2. Great work JK, just love the first one!
  3. OMG Tim I thought that was before your time! ATC
  4. I don't remember that livery Al, but the picture at the end proves it, I agree, it's a great livery.
  5. I guess they have a thing for three green lights!
  6. General George S Patton (for the Americans)
  7. Great news! The Texaco livery was one of my favourites
  8. mutley


    A great collection of aircraft there Jury!
  9. mutley


    Love those old liveries.
  10. Hi Neil, great to see you back. You've had one hell of a bad year but now must be feeling more optimistic of the future. All the best from me and the crew. I seem to remember your poor internet speeds so I would advise to keep away from the stress most people have had to go through to get MSFS running, a good broadband speed is vital. Take care
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