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  1. Like a sportster for GA racers, great fun!
  2. Can't fault them JK, they all look just right. The last one is very unusual!
  3. She looks out of place over built up areas, definitely more a rural aircraft
  4. Great little aircraft the Islander and a cheerful livery brightens her up nicely.
  5. mutley

    some sixes

    A great looking fleet!
  6. Welcome back Dolf, lovely moody shots!
  7. Personally, I would love the C130 they did, Just Flight released it too with a few extras
  8. mutley

    Windows 11

    I got my invite today for preview of W11, it was a very shallow presentation. Hopefully, it's just going to just be a sheep in wolf's clothing? i.e. just prettier with a few improvements. I prefer the centred task bar, an unashamed copy of IOS? I will definitely fun it on my laptop as it has passed the compatibility test, not so sure of the FS PC yet. Try looking here (The link may not work) https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-11?ocid=eml_sv_cons_wip_awr_announce
  9. That would be a first? Surely, Linux and Apache being opensource are the opposition. I don't think it will be a dilemma I will have to worry about
  10. Superb production Doering, I must visit the falls in the sim soon!
  11. Hi Dan Thanks for posting. I can understand your point of view, I am a 'fan' of Linux too but I have now removed all other sims (I had most of them) to concentrate on MSFS. It seem that being online is crucial for many programs if you want to interact with other pilots, we have our own little moderators group and enjoy flying together.
  12. It really does Phil, I'm looking forward to flying her one day.
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