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  1. That is a cracking shot James. I am looking forward to installing on my new PC at the weekend.
  2. Sorry to hear of your bereavement Don. I hope it sells soon it is a cracking set up.
  3. Hi Dave, no anger here mate. For info here's a shot to where the guidelines are held, not immediately evident I agree.
  4. Please use an embedded video as per our rules and NOT a link, I will not ask again.
  5. mutley

    Miss Helen

    Let's hear it for "Miss Helen"!
  6. Hi Larry, I would imagine the answer is Joe
  7. That's a great angle JK. I need to get the 'Stang!
  8. Great to see the Skymaster in MSFS
  9. DC3 AIRWAYS PLANS RECREATION OF BERLIN AIRLIFT Beginning Tuesday February 1, 2022, and continuing for a total of 12 events, DC3 AIRWAYS (www. Dc3airways.net) will stage a virtual recreation of The Berlin Airlift. This will be the 6th time in the past several years for this popular air simulation event. Designed and directed by DCA Vice President Glen Broome these multiplayer sessions will trace the chronology of the 1948/49 Berlin airlift, following the same approach procedures and the same routes used to supply the population of West Berlin following the imposition of the Sovi
  10. A very nice introduction, I miss the 337 so it's back on my list. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Nice piece of investigation as well as painting. It's quite aptly named the barrel!
  12. Again, a beautiful selection of liveries, the Starfighter was my favourite jet as a kid.
  13. Nice selection JK, I just love those tri radial aircraft.
  14. Sacha Distel (Foreign singer) famed for his version of "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"
  15. Dacia (Romanian car manufacturer owned by Renault )
  16. Nice work Doering, I took a tea break (as we do in the UK!) and watched it, I like documentaries so this was right up my street. The music was quite nice too. Thanks for sharing
  17. Hey Taff! Totally with you with length of flights etc. I have met my ideal a/c with the Aerosoft Twin Otter, a nice mix of steam gauges and mid range GPS, the scenery does it for me New Zealand is my playground when I am on my own. Life is good!
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