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  1. Thanks for the memories Jury!
  2. That bare metal looks so realistic. Perhaps they're remote controlled!
  3. MSFS can be really frustrating some times. I had none of the many problems noted, so what's causing these issues?
  4. Auto correct typo now corrected
  5. Wow, what a selection! I love the line up of the Frecce Tricolori
  6. Great presentation as always Michael
  7. Thanks Phil looking forward to seeing France!
  8. mutley


    Some nice paints JK, I will have to pick some of them up. How many times have you managed to cover the screen in oil?
  9. Hi Neil, unfortunately there are no magic settings which suit all PCs, it's a question of trial and error with winding back texture resolution and distance until you get the best compromise between quality and speed. Good luck
  10. Beautiful aircraft, you must have a very good reference, what gives you the idea to do a certain livery?
  11. Very nice collection Jury, just shows how FSX still rocks!
  12. Thanks Alan, great entertainment.
  13. Awesome result so far, it's fascinating to see the work in progress and it certainly highlights your dexterity!
  14. OOk, you have whetted my appetite Andrew Superb build quality, thanks for the background, I am sure it will tempt others into building.
  15. Those nose - on shots are brilliant, makes the engine look even longer and more powerful!
  16. Always JK! I love the liveries with invasion stripes the best
  17. The ones with the invasion stripes are my favourites
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