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  1. mutley


    Wow, very shiny
  2. Another super production Doering, you kept my interest throughout!
  3. +1 a nice smooth landing sequence. The monitor alignment looked spot on Michael, all in the right perspective, good job!
  4. mutley

    L-188, NZ

    Love the nostalgia
  5. A menacing looking aircraft for sure!
  6. Great captures Jury, must have been loud boom!
  7. mutley


    Nice shots Jan Kees. I have been flying it too, I have extended my love of GA to accept this little gem
  8. Hi Alan, there are some on-line sites that will buy old programs, try Googling it
  9. We salute you sir! Often the complete reinstall holds the only answer. I hope that's the last of your troubles James. All the best.
  10. Love this aircraft Phil and your shots do it justice! I flew something very similar from Inverness, great fun.
  11. Great selection, the camo blends really well with the scenery in shot three
  12. Hi Steef, Try messaging the developer @flybytes our file library is closed now so Ray may be able to give you a copy or point you in the right direction.
  13. More here: https://mutleyshangar.com/forum/reviews/preview-of-the-aerosoft-crj-550700-for-msfs-r14/
  14. The latest new arrival landing in the MSFS airliner scene is the new CRJ 550/700 from Aerosoft. This is the first, native MSFS third party airliner of any complexity to be released for the new sim. I have been flying the CRJ for a few days and have really fallen for the quality of the cockpit and flight model in general. As a GA pilot I rarely ventured into “tubeliners” but this regional airliner is a joy to fly manually and offers more of a challenge as the aircraft's flight management systems are limited, for example there is no auto throttle and only advisory vertical navigation. So, the A
  15. I reckon you could make a landing now with your eyes closed! The lighting looked fine to me
  16. JUST FLIGHT PRESS RELEASE 11TH MARCH 2021 LANDMARK RELEASE FOR MSFS – PA-28R ARROW III RELEASES! We’re both excited and relieved that the PA-28R Arrow for MSFS is now available for MSFS users! We were aiming to be able to bring you something that would raise the bar and standards for third party add-ons within MSFS and we believe that’s something we’ve managed to achieve. Our new PA-28R Arrow III comes in 11 paint schemes and has been developed using the latest MSFS standards, with 4096x4096 textures and PBR materials with real-time environment reflections, authentic
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