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  1. Well done. Hope you enjoy your first assignment Cheers
  2. Ok, I've posted the first leg. Please make any comments on that post. We will keep this post as a sticky for any procedural questions. Cheers
  3. Welcome to the first leg of our around the world challenge. My flight today was from Southampton EGHI to London Gatwick EGKK. After a late night watching the lunar eclipse last night I'm a bit blearly eyed but after a full English in the flying club I'm ready for anything! PRE - FLIGHT Worked out my flight plan, looking at the weather outside it's going to be IFR, that's a shame as I wanted to pull a stunt at Gatwick but it will have to wait until another day. I plan to head direct to Midhurst on the 082 radial then slingshot off to Mayfield on 090, a left turn onto 004 until I intercept
  4. Cheers Dammy :dance: Like I said, keep up with the adventure and I'm sure an opportunity will arise for a long haul.. You don't have to do it real time but when posting it would be nice to think you did Cheers
  5. You could be right Dave, I didn't know this thread would get so much interest so soon! Well I must be off, I've got to get up early in the morning to get my flight plan in! See you tomorrow
  6. Hey thanks! I remember from the very first Sub Logic version of flight simulator I had started from Meigs. Must be great living near the lakes.. I would imagine we will fly west to east so may take a little while to get to you. I would really like to have relatively short hops but please bear with us and join in wherever we are in the world, it doesn't have to be in your own country. Cheers
  7. I'm not quite sure about this, there are a few members around that will know, Mullet, Martin etc. Some aircraft do show OAT and have all the de-ice equipment but I am not sure how it is modelled. Cheers
  8. Well probably the most interesting choice of aircraft/route. It will be up to the previous pilot to decide who he/she wants to fly the next leg. Cheers,
  9. No way Fred?! Great shot :eyebrow:
  10. I would like to see this land at EGHI!!
  11. ok! understood, you will have to keep an eye on the progress of the challenge and once a cross-ocean trip is needed put in a tender and hope it is awarded by the previous pilot :eyebrow: Thanks for your enthusiasm Pete. Cheers
  12. That depends on the route Pete, there's going to be an Atlantic crossing at some time but we don't know what will happen except for the first leg I am flying tomorrow, geddit! Cheers
  13. Thanks Phil, hopefully we can get a connecting flight from someone! I fancy flying to Lukla, now that is high!
  14. It's nearly there!!! :eyebrow:
  15. I would like to start an around the world marathon, who is interested in joining in? What I plan to do is kick off the challenge in the UK at my local EGHI and fly a leg GA to Gatwick in my Cirrus SR22 in FSX. I will post screenshots of my journey in this thread. Then I will put a tender out to fly the next leg. Then members should post a request to fly this leg and take the "baton" (once awarded) and fly short haul airliner or GA, VFR or IFR to a European destination. The winning bidder should fly the leg and post screenshots of their journey and award the next leg to the next bidder(s)
  16. mutley


    Nice sig btw :eyebrow:
  17. mutley


    :eyebrow: Robbie, I hope you will enjoy it! Cheers
  18. Thanks! Give it a day to allow for any guesses and maybe let us know the continent or a picture of a relevant airline at the airport. I have no idea yet :eyebrow: Cheers
  19. You should be ok Dave, it's a full eclipse so we should all see it so long as it's not cloudy :eyebrow:
  20. :yes: Well done! Should be up to Mullet to say but as he's not here, Pete how about posting a new location? Cheers
  21. Yey! welcome Chris. I was thinking of trying to take some photos but I don't think my compact jobby is up to it (Canon A350).
  22. :eyebrow: Excellent post Joe. Great shots and entertaining commentary. Very reminiscent of mulletmans posts that are always well researched and commented. Cheers Blue!
  23. Somewhere in India me thinks :eyebrow: Not Delhi tho!
  24. If you purchased/downloaded ASv6 or ASv6.5 before February 28, 2007 there is a free service update with fixes and enhancements. For more info click Here Cheers
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