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  1. I went to Paris to paint the town red...
  2. Ooops! O'rly not the Irish way O'rley, all I can say is: "Shorry, I was finishing off a boddle of Chardinay".
  3. Luv'em fully hooked on 2020..
  4. Love them all but the Pilatus is my favorite..
  5. jaydor

    Almost real

    Salzburg Austria GA reception area:
  6. Have been out of simming for awhile, but 2020 has brought me back with a shock as to the improvement from a year ago. TBM930 is my ship of the skies: Navigraph charts linked to the G3000, +Aivlasoft EFB and Skyvectors on second screen
  7. A good day for flying in the PNW
  8. Just a thought, Have you considered downloading via Steam?
  9. Yes you have to download the 2020 beta install from navigraph..
  10. Did you download like the following. Go to the Microsoft store select MSFS2020 and click install, select where to install it. After the install has finished. Click the MSFS2020 icon on your desktop or in the menu system. It will then tell you that it has items to download and install. Let it, as these are the main ingredients of the program. The install may take many hours. It's only after the install finishes that you will be able to use 2020. Did your install act as I stated above?..
  11. Got it Joe, I must write out 200 times, "Must keep up with technology".
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