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  1. I hear Spud Murphy is the pilot..!
  2. There's something about the ANZAK lands that make for some compulsive flying. In my next lifetime I wanabe a helicopter pilot in New Zealand.. I looked at you review on the Twin Otter, but I am sticking with the Kodiak as I like learning and using the G1000NXi. Also the Kodiak has a better cabin heater for those cold mornings..
  3. O'eck and "Celtic Princess" at rest:
  4. Taster. "Celtic Lady" at Mackay.
  5. Here is where it all happens: 34" curved Samsung and a 28" Asus plus Honeycomb's and Thrustmaster pedals.
  6. 2020 has put a new sim life back into me and I have not enjoyed such, since my departure from FSX. I seem to have found a little niche for myself in flying around the West and North, of Queensland Australia. I am based in Wales UK, but Oz seems to be my calling at the moment. (The joy of having the World at your finger tips). My modus operandi is the SWS Kodiak 100, just loving it. It must be my age, but I like to keep my routes to about one or one and a half hour in length, shorter if possible. So here are a few screenies (Ozy slang) of yesterdays flight. The flight is fro
  7. Spotted on the apron at Cardiff today:
  8. jaydor


    Ready for the Australia update at the months end:
  9. I made it myself, do you want a copy?
  10. McKinnon, Badged up for it's contract with the Australian Wildlife Service:
  11. It is quite a deep hole in the ground: 2020 version
  12. A dusty taxi at Camel Creek: Enroute to Townsville YBTL:
  13. And an hour later, we are away:
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