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  1. A good day for flying in the PNW
  2. Just a thought, Have you considered downloading via Steam?
  3. Yes you have to download the 2020 beta install from navigraph..
  4. Did you download like the following. Go to the Microsoft store select MSFS2020 and click install, select where to install it. After the install has finished. Click the MSFS2020 icon on your desktop or in the menu system. It will then tell you that it has items to download and install. Let it, as these are the main ingredients of the program. The install may take many hours. It's only after the install finishes that you will be able to use 2020. Did your install act as I stated above?..
  5. Got it Joe, I must write out 200 times, "Must keep up with technology".
  6. We were hoping for this to clear! Then this happened.... ORBX Zell am Zee LOWZ Got it Joe, I must write out 200 times, "Must keep up with technology".
  7. The partnership between Textron and Microsoft is one of the reasons we are seeing such beautiful crafted aircraft in 2020 of the Textron family.
  8. Well all I can say to you is, I am glad that I bought it...
  9. Carenado have updated the C182T with some improvements but not all due to SDK limitations. So I put my money where my mouth is and purchased it. I am glad I did, as there is no better way to find out how it handles than to fly it oneself. Glad I bought it as I have been in for a very pleasant surprise. I like it:
  10. Freeware C152X Realism Mod Released for MSFS Modification List: Modified stall speeds flap up/flap down in accordance with published information. Aircraft will now stall at a significantly higher speed. Numerous changes to engine performance, now in accordance with Lycoming O-235L2C (115HP, 2700RPM) See note below. Fuel consumption adjusted. Long Range Fuel Tanks 37.5USG total useable. See note below. Fuel Gauges correctly calibrated. Fuel Gauge indications will vary realistically in out of balance flight (depending on quantity of fuel in tank) and also
  11. Here is a link to my cloud for a copy of the G1000 mod as there is no other link that I can find. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qfjJBFc0b48IdsqAV38h2sPdGaXFEd81/view?usp=sharing All acknowledgement must go to Kaosfere on Avsim who made it.
  12. A mod for the G1000 including turn on/off synth vision.
  13. I think he said it uses the 2020 garmin and I think someone has made a mode to turn on/off the synth.
  14. This review is by a qualified pilot not a YouTube virtual flyer as the other video portrayed. Shows the model in a better light as flown by a real pilot, who recommends it to the public...
  15. Another review of the Carenado 182T by a qualified pilot:
  16. You will have to reset your WideViewAspect after the latest update, as it has reset to 0.
  17. I agree Phil, I too have a lot invested in XP, but it's not been used on my machine since the launch of 2020.
  18. Dawn arrives at the small town of Stanley 2U7 in the heart of the Idaho wilderness.
  19. I been using imgur for years, it has to be the best and easiest on the internet.
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