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  1. No, it's shut down, but I read your other post about UAC and will give it a go.
  2. That's the next thing to try. Will keep trying. By the way, good to hear from you. It's been a while.
  3. Can someone advise me how to access aircraft files in FSX (cfg. etc) for editing? Everytime I edit a file, I get a message when I try to save it that "denies" my access to the file. Any Ideas? Thanks .
  4. John, As always, thanks for the help.
  5. Hello John, I checked and didn't find Oakland Int'l in California (KOAK), is it listed somewhere? IF not it's a pretty large Airport. Any Possibilities on it?
  6. Is anyone using the A400M in Air Hauler? I ran into a problem. I noticed you can go into the load manager and select the cargo amount, vehicle amount you want by tonne/tons. I am running a livery with one car on it. In order to run more cargo, do I need to list no car(S)? Or do I list two cars and just use the weight of the cars as the cargo I can load? I would think that if I have two cars in it, it would deduct this from the MTOW and that is the little if no amount of cargo I could add. IE: if I list no cars as the livery, then would I be able to max out in AH cargo? Kind of conf
  7. Hi TRB, Don't mean to butt in here. I have been adjusting and changing AC config.files for a while now. I noticed that the SIM is different in each of the AC config.files. Some of the problems I have run into I have found that this can cause the AC not to show. there is a "-" in the first original Sim and it's not in the second. The Sims should be the same in both. This may not be the problem you mention but it's a start. I know it makes a big difference in adding repaints, and this would be sort of the same when it comes to changing or adding to the AC config. file.
  8. I have it also. Bought it after my Mentor (John A.) recommended it to me. It's a gas to fly, and I kind of like all the switches. For now I am trying to remember why I can't get the landing lights, or AC lights to stay on. But, you'll enjoy the C-130.
  9. Thanks fellow Pilots, I'm using Paint.Net. I knew it had to be simple, just wasn't clicking. To answer one question: The original picture has a white border, but I want to get rid of it. I'll try Johns suggestion and look for the checker board in the square. As you know I have been repainting everything and now I want to start over with a different livery to fly in AH. I figured since Aloha Airlines went belly up, I could use Aloha Air Cargo and have ATC use the call sign "Aloha" which seems to be working out okay so far. Other than that, I am spending my time flying and raising Pu
  10. High Gang! Sorry it took so long to post something on Mutleys' wonderful web site here. I have a question for you expert re-painters. When trying to make a layer for repaints, I'll pull down a picture of a flag and will save it. Problem being is th at now the saved layer always has a white background. Is there a trick to making the portion of the background transparent? Do you have to use one of the tools (lasso, pencil, dot scheme) to mark the border of the actual item you want? Otherwise I end up having to import the layer, and magnifying it and going with a paint brush to eliminate
  11. MartinW, I was employed in the Law Enforcement Field as well as the Law field. If we walked in the door and sent home for whatever reason we were paid for the first 4 hours or 5 hours if you are scheduled for a 10 hr day. If we were sent home after the 4th hour or 5th hour we were paid for the full day. Most of this was handled by our Unions, but there were also rules and regulations written in the job specs, with the County. Now if we were scheduled for Court on our day off, and the case was settled, or a postponment was granted before we arrived, we got paid for the full day at Overt
  12. MH, thank you all for the warm welcome. So much Aloha, and a really good site. John, I really enjoyed reading your stories. I'm still navigating through the site here and finding soo many good things to read and a fantastic learning tool. So far this is the only site that goes into any detail at all on how to capture a screen shot. Keep up the good work, and again mahalo for the welcome. :mrhappy: Capt. McG
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