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  1. Now Marmite, that's real poison !! ....as silk.
  2. Hello Neil, save yourself a lot of angst, for a nominal outlay. See below. http://www.rdpresets.com/store/p12/MSFS_2020_Guide_by_RDPresets.html#/ It's only about £8 and you get 137 pages of useful tips, not just for the Sim but W10 also.....worth every penny. I run an antique rig 4770K + 2080 super and get a very smooth ride, don't count fps myself....that leads to sleepess nights. Keep telling myself to do a rebuild but never seem to get around to it.
  3. My weight scales give exaggerated readings
  4. Cunningham family 1974-1984..."Happy Days".
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