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  1. Thanks chaps. I really am loving the Geneva and Zurich airports I got for Christmas :smile: Ken
  2. Great shots Andrew, on the AI front you may need to download the AFCAD for the airport for these to show. Ken
  3. Great shots Marcus, it is a wonderful approach from either end. Ken
  4. Joe Famtastic shots of 2 magnificent up and coming products. Looks like the plastic will get another bashing :shok: Ken
  5. Skiing holiday over time to go home. Boarding at Geneva Swiss EasyJet Enroute for the runway Swiss 121 leaving ground Last look at the airport Crossing Lake Geneva Almost in French airspace No snow here as we turn towards Finals CD Runway 8R appraoch Air France 482 sent on go around Checking tyres after bumpy landing Tower checking up on us Awaiting to off-load the happy skiers Thanks for looking Ken
  6. Thanks for the comments lads. Joe no extra charge, but they did give me a bottle of whiskey Ken
  7. Congratulations Wayne great shot and great choice of prize. Ken
  8. Taking home the Swiss revellers who came to London for the New Year. At the gate Taxing out Waiting our turn We have lift off Away from Heathrow On the climb out of the UK Into France at 27,000 Getting close to Switzerland On the descend Well into the desscent Almost down Taxing in De-icing Still on the long taxi Welcome to Zurich Final resting place and return of the revellers Thanks for looking Ken
  9. Dtunning shots Ros, hope you are enjoying thr tour. Ken
  10. Nice shot Ros. The clouds for FSX have come on a bundle in the last year with all the new developments. Ken
  11. Nice lttle paint job Marcus Ken
  12. Great shots Joe, love the scenery, is it Holgar's? Ken
  13. Great set of shots Rob Ken
  14. Joe love the new Board Theme. Happy New Year everyone Ken
  15. Thanks for all the comments chaps much appeciated. I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas day. Ken
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