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  1. I've been plagued with this problem on FS9 over the last week or so, Tried all suggestions about setting sensitivity and null zones, re-calibrated numerous times, all without success. Eventually I did fix the issue by installing the CH Product Manager software ( I use the CH Rudder pedals) and using it to calibrate the toe brakes. The windows game controller calibration did not seem to do the job. No problem on FSX as I use FSUIPC to calibrate the brakes and it so was able to workaround the problem. Perhaps if Saitek provide calibration software it is worth playing around with that
  2. Following a discussion on Avsim, they have acknowledged the problem with bleed through around Belfast but have not committed to a fix. I don't understand why they would release a product with such a glaring issue, lets just hope they do release a patch,
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