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  1. hmm makes me wonder too, with the uk2000 cardiff extreme tremorfa airport, the Ai that it comes with is preety rubish (police and ambulace i guess?) there's an AI installer, I followed one of youtube links this afternoon (http://www.world-of-ai.com/) and you send the .zips to a folder (zips include planes), got ba/monarch/virgin atlantic/bmi/choices/easyjet/mytravel/jet2 all on correct flightplans for ai around the uk/ so much more varried flights...make sure ai is set to 100% in settings and you wont see the planes properly...anyway raving over...is there any copters better than the default u
  2. Hey guys and thank thank you...thank you! such a warming welcome here! sorry for late replies! , I have the UK2000 Cardiff Xtreme (Gary Summons) and VFR Photographic Scenery, and Terrain, And Also Used the "AutoTrees" application which makes the photographic scenery more interesting to look at... I was thinking, from the photographic Scenery we can see Millenium Stadium Co-ordinates (N51*28*69 W3*10.96*) you should be in the centre of the photographic millenium stadium. It would be good (and was thinking) if there are people who can Generate the Millenium Stadiam/Cardiff Castle/Capital tower/
  3. Hi there, Lovely day it has been for us people in wales .... and fortunately it is my first post, so please welcome me to MH !!, I am wondering, as we have scenery designers who developed London, we people are loosing out on great scenery for fs2004, specially the Cardiff Area Like we could have famous landmarks like the Millenium Stadium, Castle, Capital Tower, Macdonalds House, The Heath Hospital, BT Tower... Cardiff Bay with its stuff there,Lightship, wales millenium centre and the red tower .... especially aligned for the VFR photographic scenery, I know i was nosing aroumd the Internet, L
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