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  1. From my experience you will grow old, grey and go nutz in the head before Mad Katz do anything ! I had a desk full of Saitek which worked fine until one day I had a rush to the head and bought an extra component. Big mistake. When I had to download for it, nearly everything else went tits-up. Struggled on and off for a week. In the end I decided that I would approach it professionally; dampen my towering rage and plan it the same way I would any job. I worked out how much of my time in dollars I would spend and then set out on Google to find a genius. I had decided to
  2. I've never done that Brett. All my flying has been done inside a client. Mostly commercial on FSE and the odd flight or two in VAfs. Whole new ball game. Betya somebodies written military missions?
  3. I've never owned such an aircraft, it does look very nice. But.......... what do you do with it once you've got the hang of it? Are there mission packs out there where you go and use your new found skill and weaponry?
  4. You'll have to give me more details of that scam. I'll send a couple of bro's round for a visit tonight.
  5. Many thanks Brett.... Putting the slash marks in front of the two items does not work as some default setting kicks in and you get the over-speed penalty in AH anyway. I then changed the figures themselves to a randomly chosen 500 and 0.8 and I flight tested the settings in AH. The over speed penalty disappeared and I staved off bankruptcy ! According to the website that you gave, it is a common fault in many aircraft. Scrolling back through my last 2 years flights in AH I can see several instances where I may have been unreasonably penalized as I rose through the ranks. (Ther
  6. I have this.............> [Reference Speeds] flaps_up_stall_speed = 119.0 //Knots True (KTAS) full_flaps_stall_speed = 105.0 //Knots True (KTAS) cruise_speed = 415.0 //Knots True (KTAS) max_indicated_speed=300.000000 max_mach=0.73000 if I do this..............> [Reference Speeds] flaps_up_stall_speed = 119.0 //Knots True (KTAS) full_flaps_stall_speed = 105.0 //Knots True (KTAS) cruise_speed = 415.0 //Knots True (KTAS) //max_indicated_speed=300.000000 //max_mach=0.73000 Should that prevent the FSX "Overspeed" warning?
  7. I wonder if anyone can help with this please? On a 146 I get an FSX "overspeed" warning come up at around 330 knots and the vcruise should be around 415 knots.. It's not a particular problem in FSE but in Air Hauler (the only place I can afford this exotic bird!), I get $180K repair bill every time I land. Which line should I tinker with in the aircraft.cfg?
  8. Forgot to say thank you for the info John ! My "hard floor" must have got structurally weak as my rep drowned at 62%. This may be because it is something that was changed in an update which I've never bothered to download. No matter though, we have dragged it back to a more respectable position. many thanks, Rick
  9. I'm a dyed in the wool ORBX fan and Global transformed my flying. It even improved my fps. I do think that it does depend on the type of simming that you enjoy most. For a high alt VA tube flyer maybe not so life-changing. As a Bush-type or Chopper-jock it's bordering on orgasmic. I thought I'd hang off Euro LC just for a couple of days till the Harrods "Sale" rush was over and also to hear what changes there were to fps.... if any. R.
  10. Thanks Brett.............. Yes it was taking a slow and gradual slide into oblivion! Fortunately I am rescuing it now. Anyone got a view on whether my stalwart band of AI pilots will be following me to AH2? I like the more relaxed flying in AH after the dollar chasing in FSE. I'm guessing with a multi-player version the rules as to what I can, and cannot, do in AH will be a little stricter as there is an effect on others in the game. At the moment I can more or less do what I please, no impact on other players. Rick
  11. Well bugger my old seaboots ! It worked ................the waiting for the tiny window and then right clicking to maximise. Can't believe I spent the best part of the day trying to fly the go-round ! Now ... If you could just tell me how to get that AI Pilot out of my new Boxcar ??? j/k Many thanks to all, Rick
  12. Sorry John.......I misread your original post. It is AH I run as admin.... that we can do ! Lets see how that goes. And to Matt........thanks also. I get that mini window with other files so I should get it with FSX. Fingers crossed.....here we go ! (I had just bought a Flying Boxcar so I was getting a bit pissed off having to hand it to an AI clown, to stop my shipments timing out ! )
  13. Thanks....... How does that happen in practice when FSX is started by AH when you push "Ok go fly" (or similar) ? At what point would you right click on FSX for admin start? And also......why never before? Thanks for the start though.........Rick
  14. As per my subject... When I start a flight from AH, all goes fine and FSX start screen shows (the blue one), also the loading bar shows progress as per normal. When completed loading nothing shows but my desktop. I can hear the aircraft but nothing will persuade the loaded flight to show. I have restarted several times and had a PC reboot. When starting FSX without AH, everything goes as normal. Have been flying AH since 2012, never seen this before and all was fine yesterday. Any help appreciated, Rick
  15. Lol........ everybody likes my mechanic John !
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