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  1. Okay let me spell it out. I am using FSX with acceleration. I have Air Hauuler with latestet update 4.x something. I have noticed that about four airports, of around 50, that I have hauled cargo to, has runways and approaches are different. Airhauler has and ILS approach and FSX has no approach what so ever, in the GPS data Base, or FSX has an approach and Air Hauler dosen't. I had mentioned that I had changed some scenery files several weeks ago but after changing the files in add on scenery in FSX and updated them in FSX, I then ran scenery update in Air Hauler. I will how make a note of the
  2. I have transfered/imported scenery again" made so changes to scenery files about 2 weeks ago. I didn't note the airfields but will note them the next time I see it. I can remember about 4 different fields that were different. Is their any way to open up the airfields data ase? I do have a list of airfields fro the last month.
  3. How do i get fsxdel/acc airport-approacj to mesh with AH's data base. Several are different- One has ILS and the other only has visual/vics versa- all airports are their but the rwys sometimes are 100 Deg off. Is their any way to get both data bases to mesh?
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