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  1. i am on vista ultimate with all the updates fsx with sp1 + 2 and trying to instal the fs flight plane into the wilco airbus
  2. i am sorry but i am still struggling to find this as it takes me on line. the file that i am looking for is" gps_export.dll" 6144 bytes
  3. can someone tell me were the modules file is in fsx as i want to check if a file is correct as i can import the flight pland into the wilco airbus
  4. this is a flight from heathrow to san fransico it was night flight so not much to se comments please
  5. this is a flight to majorca from manchester usin the posky 737 i am still having blurred scenery in the distance so any tips would be really welcomed. thanks for looking comments welcome
  6. very nice and thats a lot of traffic
  7. :baton: very nice are you running this on vista
  8. this is a flight from santiago to tncm it was a early start with a building storm using the 767 with fitted winglets.
  9. this is a flight form edinbrugh to stanstead using the uk2000 sceanery and the posky 757. all comments welcome
  10. andrew

    Finn @ Sunrise

    were did you get the plane from
  11. at last i have found tne cfg and altered as instructed and i am still getting the blurred scenery i am using ground enviroment by flight 1
  12. this is a flight from gatwick to edinbrugh an early departure as one of the first out of gatwick IMG]http://i295.photobucket.com/albums/mm157/dawon1_2008/22-12.jpg[/img]
  13. so sorry you must think i am thick is the above for xp as i am having real fun trying to find it i am running vista as my os
  14. sorry to be a pain mutley i have tried what you said but just dont seem to be able to findwere to put the setting would it be possible to sort of break it down to a step by step guide :biggrin:
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