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  1. mick


    Dont think i am even gonna bother downlloading it after all the revues i have read. Think i will stick with fs9.mick
  2. mick


    thanks a lot i completley uninstalled the lot and there was a lot took,it took a while.the whole thing was just clogged up with freeware. anyway have reinstalled what i want back in no freeware and its as smooth as a kitten with performance back to normal. thanks again and merry christmas.mick
  3. mick


    thanks a lot am getting all the freeware out plus uninstalling.thanks again mick.....oops forgot to use the shift
  4. mick


    heyup mutley and everyone sorry havnt been on for a while also havnt been on my sim much recently but am back now.i used to clean every thing out of 2004 every now and to give it a fresh start .it used to run as smooth as a kitten having just started it up it is stuttering and very slow have tried it on low settings and no improvenent.i think over the last year or so i have put so much freeware and payware in that maybe this may be affecting it. so what do i do>>>normally i would do a complete uninstall includinding the fs 2004 directory asnd anything else to do with it this will
  5. thanks rob i have sorted it.got a free uninstaller off the internet worked a treat.thanks for your help though.regards mick
  6. thanks rob have tried that but there is nothing on the installer disc to help me.just fsx,fs9 and disc browse. when i try to uninstall it from the control panel i get a warning box with german in it,it says--sie die vorhandene version,bevor sie diese version. am not very good with the german so went to the aerosoft forum site but got nothing literally.mick
  7. Hi all this isc a great add on and i love it but cant uninstall it from the control panel. have tried the safe mode but no luck there it is ok in fs9 but wont uninstall from fsx.please help cos i love this scenery in fsx. love the new site makeover.regards mick
  8. mick

    fs global

    well done manuell have sorted it now thanks very much.regards mick
  9. mick

    fs global

    just to add to the above do you think that i may have left the remnants of fs in the files when i have uninstalled it, i remember in the past when i tried to reinstall fs 2004 and because i didnt uninstall it correctly i got all sorts of problems. anyway i will be back on mon,hope someone may have a solution for me then,regards mick :nea:
  10. mick

    fs global

    heyup lads its me again, i like to uninstall my flight sims and add ons every now and again yhen reinstall them again, do it every 3 or 4 months just to clean it up. fs global and one of the british airport add ons i cant seem to install back into fs 2004. on the uninstall i am sure i remove everything from my computer including the fs folders which i know can cause problems if you dont. fs global and british airports do install into the computer but dont go into the actual flight simmainly fs 2004,they work fine in fsx, on fs 2004 i go to the settings then to the scenery library and the
  11. sorted it finally,thannks for your help,regards mick
  12. thanks allardjg and mutley thanks,sorry for the delay in answering have been away.mick
  13. hello rob sorry for the delay. to answer your question.yes it does. regards mick
  14. thanks mutley will look into it now.regards mick
  15. hi again on the above add on i have a little problem,when i am taxiing it is very hard to turn. went outside the plane and on closer inspection noticed the nose wheel had some kind of clamp on it. what is it?and how do i get rid of it?thanks again regards mick
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