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  1. Nothing further to say. JD
  2. Someone else will step into his shoes. I have to say (I'm not being defeatist - realistic, I hope) that I think all those US guys gathering outside the White House to celebrate are doing the wrong thing. How many times have we been disgusted by the celebrations they have had over the killing of Westerners? Do those people think this action (the celebrating) will pacify potential recruits to terrorism, or enrage and encourage them? I just think it's the wrong thing to do, and is the kind of thing that the West, in its ignorance, will never learn. Besides that - how long has it taken? 10 yea
  3. Another difficult one. Trying to be different: It was tempting to post one of the Bristol Brabazon, but it looks totally unbelievable as a flying object - like something out of Thunderbirds: LINKY JD
  4. I bought some microset, as mentioned, and the bottle is bigger than decal fix, as well as cheaper! Anyway, the Microset has full instructions on the bottle, so now I know exactly how to use the stuff. I have also got a book, Painting & Finishing Scale Models, which has a lot of useful info (although it's very old). By the way, in that the guy says that acrylic white should be used as the primer. So that confirms it. I have got another book about it - Airbrushing & Finishing Scale Models so I'll see what that says about it, too. I've picked up lots of useful tips from the first book,
  5. Did I mention, they also do the RAE 'Percy' version of the PC-9A? No? Well, allow me to introduce... if the weather is bad outside - you'll start having trouble seeing out The rear seat view: So there ya go. The manual is excellent, too, with in-depth descriptions of all the systems and gauges. JD
  6. Here's ya T-6 Texan II screenies and some comparisons. Actually, I was wrong (my memory is shocking these days) and it was the PC-9 that I blew up on my first attempt at flight, before even the end of the runway!: The T-6 has recently been further improved, though the original was good to start with. It was one of the first of Iris' 'high fidelity' pro type models. With either the T-6 or PC-9 you get all the models twice - once with a standard GPS500 thus: and once with the RW standard KLN model: for direct comparison - here's that PC-9 VC again: You can actually see the T-6 i
  7. Thanks - their T-6 Texan II is just as good - in fact, it's a much more advanced model and a very similar aircraft. I reckon it's a licence built PC-9 tbh. The first time I tried to fly it, it ended up in flames by the end of the runway! I'll stick a piccy up when I find it. JD
  8. apparently - by end of the year. Wouldn't surprise me if more follow. JD
  9. Unusually, I didn't see any of the BBMF crates flying over - or even hear them. Heard the noisy jets, mind JD
  10. Nice pics. I was really chuffed when PAD released this - went straight into the AH pot. Thing that scared me initially was the sensitive pitch trim (at least with my settings) and I ended up adjusting it in the config. JD
  11. Thanks Joe - this test has got me a lot more excited about it. What's FTX, though? Isn't that an Australian scenery package? I'm using UTX and GEX and a little custom theme in REX, with user-defined FSX weather too. Chars JD
  12. Hey guys, I finally decided today which aircraft I'll be using on my upcoming VFR tour of Alf's UK Airfields. The airfields range from the small Baxterley (350m grass runway) to the longer asphalted types like Dunsfold, Blackbushe or Duxford. I intend using mostly fighter planes of WWII vintage - purely because I otherwise rarely get to fly them and the navigation should be even more of a challenge. There are some GA aircraft just in case, and a couple of larger twins for the long trips to Shetland and back. So first of all, I needed to test and see if the smallest strip was big enough fo
  13. Kindle is an e-reader, not a netbook. It does one thing, well. Hmm, I'm sure I read whilst checking it out, that you can use it for surfing. http://techland.time.com/2010/07/05/best-amazon-kindle-feature-free-international-web-surfing/ JD
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