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  1. I guess i spoke too soon, Its stopped working again. It seems to happen every time i start the PC. I install the drivers and it works fine till i start the PC. Not really sure what is happening, i am using the current Geforce Drivers.
  2. Nothing would work at all. I did a driver reinstall and that sorted it, Perhaps it was somehow corrupt as Joe suggested.
  3. @mutley Its stopped working for me. I start the PC then start Geforce Experience. I then start MFS and start a flight. After that i press ALT+F3 and nothing happens. I have alternatively tried starting MFS from within Geforce Experience and that makes no difference.
  4. Got it working, i had to restart the PC then it just worked. Looks pretty good.
  5. ALT+F3 not bringing up anything for me. I am on full screen do i need to be in windowed mode?
  6. @mutley where can i find these filters please?
  7. @jankees i am just about to download this livery from flightsim.to I have many of your liveries from that site, thank you.
  8. Really nice part of the world, i can see Capri and Sorrento in your screen shot.
  9. phil white


    Been there and done that. A stunning part of the world.
  10. phil white


    I have been there IRL a few times. I once even met up with MH member Rosario Manzo in Sorrento.
  11. I just watched a YT video of someone using their Rift S in MFS and what i saw in the video was a mirror of the actual visual quality he was seeing in the Rift S. It looked amazing and i have higher settings than he uses and it looks nowhere near the visuals he is getting. I have no idea why.
  12. Well i have tried out my Rift S and although MSFS looks good in VR i suspect the low res of the Rift S is not allowing me to get the best experience.
  13. From Tuesday December 22nd update 2 will bring VR to MFS for those of us who use it. I have the Oculus Rift S so will be giving it a go.
  14. After lots of trial and error it looks like my Norton Antivirus was causing the stuttering issue even though i selected the drive with MFS on to be excluded. After removing Norton the stutters have almost been eliminated.
  15. Strange isn't it? I wonder what the issue is.I am on a 500mb fibre internet connection so thats unlikely to be the issue. I will try deleting all mods and empty my Community folder and see if that helps. I wonder if i use Vsync instead of Gsync and set a frame limit in Nvidia if that will help.
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