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  1. MFS gives a better DOF than my DSLR camera.
  2. Looks nice but for that kind of aircraft i use DCS.
  3. I did but i see no difference.
  4. For me Sim Update 5 has reduced the graphics quality a fair bit. For example the cloud textures in Ultra now look like medium did before the update.
  5. However i am probably not going to buy it as i did have it for XP10 and it was never updated to work with XP11 which was a bit frustrating. Looks real good in MSFS though.
  6. I bought this Milviz and it takes some learning, got most of your repaints too. Keep up the good work JK.
  7. I had issues with this update. I emptied my Community folder before doing the update then i reinstalled my content of the folder back in. In my case i was getting all the third party aircraft causing a CTD on loading them, so that is to say my Carenado, Just Flight and Milviz aircraft. After many attempts to rectify this i was giving up. I then read on the official MSFS forums that if Developer mode is on in the sim that is the probable cause. I know i had it set to on so i then set it to off and exited the sim. I uninstalled the mentioned aircraft and then reinstalled them and they all n
  8. phil white


    Very nice shots. The CRJ is not my choice of passenger jet but it does look good.
  9. Thanks Alan. I have been up in a Cessna 152 once.
  10. Loving this aircraft so far.
  11. I purchased this aircraft yesterday and decided to get the Just Flight version instead of the Carenado as a personal choice.
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