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  1. MSFS shots showing default scenery. It is nice and detailed already so wonder what World Update Italy will bring us. I took this shot using Nvidia Super Res.
  2. The Kodiak is awesome to fly, I have been doing loads of Papua bush trips in it recently
  3. Awesome shots James.
  4. phil white


    Very nice shots.
  5. These two payware aircraft are well worth it if they are your kind of thing to fly. Thanks for looking.
  6. I forgot to ask, where did you get that livery from?
  7. Wow, looks great, Is this the Kodiak 100 for MFS. Love that livery too.
  8. I have just bought the Sim Works Kodiak 100 for MFS and all the reviews look pretty good. Purchased from JustFlight. Screen shots will be up later.
  9. Sorry for the late reply as i have been rather busy. The Google map mod works well and looks quite nice in certain areas but not in others. I will post up some comparison shots on the screen shot page for you all to look at and welcome your opinions.
  10. A lot worse since they altered the type of settings, Humidity and density
  11. Since SU7 these clouds look totally different
  12. Yes i did, here is the link, To install navigate to the Local State folder then open that folder and place the downloaded file inside the Weather Presets folder and enjoy. Please let me know what you think of them in the sim https://flightsim.to/file/14227/stormy-clouds
  13. Some shots from a cloud set i created in MFS.
  14. So i have just watched a interesting video where you can use Google Maps instead of Bing Maps in MSFS. Its an easy process and does not overwrite anything so you cannot break the sim. Just about to try it so will post a reply with my Experience of it.
  15. So with XP12 looming on the horizon will anyone be taking the plunge? I might providing my payware add ons will be updated to work with it at no extra cost.
  16. Very nice, When i try LOD at 400 it really hits my frame rates.
  17. MFS gives a better DOF than my DSLR camera.
  18. For me Sim Update 5 has reduced the graphics quality a fair bit. For example the cloud textures in Ultra now look like medium did before the update.
  19. However i am probably not going to buy it as i did have it for XP10 and it was never updated to work with XP11 which was a bit frustrating. Looks real good in MSFS though.
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