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  1. Hello everyone. Here are some shots of a flight I did from Zurich to Stockholm. Taxiing to runway 28 after completing all the checks Lined up, take off clearance received Gear up Climb thrust set Following the SID Passing back over the airport Climbing alongside the alps Turning north to follow the flight plan Cruising at FL360 South coast of Sweden Descent underway, nice clear day Over the city of Stockholm Speed brakes in use to slow us down Turning finals Cleared to land runway 26 Short fin
  2. David89

    Old shots

    Hello all. Here are some shot of when i used to edit my screen shots. Thanks for looking
  3. Thanks for all the comments. The london city scenery is new from aerosoft. When i get a minute i will post up some of my old shots. Will put them in the edits section as they have been changed a bit.
  4. Hello everyone. I used to do flight and post screen shots a long time ago. I just started getting back into it. Here is a flight i did from London City to Frankfurt. I try to make sure that i fly real routes with the same aircraft. Parked up at london city ready to go Taixing round to the active Take off Turning to follow the SID Looking out the window Climbing FL330 Start of decent Flying the approch Lowering the landing gear Following the glide slope Touchdown!! Slowing Retracting flaps Taxing to gate Parked up Thanks for lo
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