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  1. I'm struggling in my attempt to find you an exploded view of the bearing assembly. My mind's eye won't grasp it just as you. Chewy may pull through with some insight, he....well.........when needs be ,he has the aptitude and experiance with such things.
  2. Do they give tours to non-prospective buyers? By the way, welcome aboard at MH. John Actually they do give tours daily, for hundreds of non-prospective buyers. Most of us just refer to it as employment though. Who knew? I appreciate the warm welcome, glad we found this place.
  3. Maybe thats where all of our shortcomings originate...you think? Hey dude...our clocks are all screwy...mother may I in my profile? I looked but I no see.
  4. I must say thank you to all of you. You won't see me here much, I keep very early hours. Even on weekends, it is near impossible to stray to far from that. Way too much negative energy on my bi-polar axis. I see that chewy has become a big hit here. Not a big surprise, he is sharp and well mannered. The info ya'll have pulled through with has been great. I/we so appreciate the attention to detail in your posts. I have yet to see the Mighty 8th. Belive it or not it is literally 3/4 of a mile from me. I do work for Gulfstream Aerospace. I'm a structural mechanic . We build the G45
  5. once again thank you for the info. James
  6. You assumed right it is, and I failed to mention it. I/we certainly do appreciate the response. The whole event has been driving both of us crazy. I'd say in excess of 8 hours were spent yestreday alone reading in the learning center and playing with settings anything we could think of...each time to no avail. Longbeard or as it came about last night...Chewy was getting loud and abnoxious about the whole thing. So thank you once again for informing us they were infact on strike. Our search is finally over
  7. Hello to all. I humbly come before you in need of help. New to FSX, and a bit older in age. Which tends to lead to frustration on my end. I can not figure out how to get ATC window to launch when sharing an aircraft with my buddy. I can get it to launch in free flight no prob. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And stuck in the Free Flight lobby of GameSpy....I can't get logged in and I cant select a different lobby until I get locked in ....This Game is pumelling me and my co-pilot.....
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