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  1. What can I say - fantastic, thanks everyone!
  2. Sorted now thanks to the post on the March competition page - uploaded to photobucket first - didn't realise you can't post directly.
  3. Thanks, that does explain it - not obvious after all. Used photobucket and seems to have worked.
  4. Thanks but tried that, and got a message "you are not allowed to use that file extension in this forum". It's a jpeg and the width is exactly 1280 - I reduced it to that already. Perhaps it's the way I'm attaching it - with cut & paste ? Not sure how else to do it ?
  5. What's the best format and maximum file size for screenshots?
  6. TCAS Alert! This was genuine and unstaged during an otherwise uneventful cruise at 35000'. There was no vertical separation and only perhaps 100' or so horizontal separation. The TCAS system did go to the red resolution symbol but only seconds before our paths crossed. My aircraft is a 737-800. Catalina at sunrise in Tahiti JS41 ready for TO at Beccles.
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