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  1. Hi Andrew, have managed to fix the problem. Just substituted one of the many windows for the timer. Regards, Michael.
  2. Thanks Andrew for you quick response. P Problem is that I have 14 windows allocated in the panel .cfg for various gauges. Is there a way I could use the timer without using the shift button? Sorry to an awkward pilot. Regards Michael
  3. Hi Team, thank you for inviting me this year. I always enjoy MEBAR. This year I would like to use my PA24 Comanche from A2A. But I am having trouble installing the clock to this aircraft. I have managed to get to work with the C172 but would like something a bit more meaty for this years event. Shift 7 is already allocated to the Comanche so I cannot get it to display. Can you help please? Regards Michael.
  4. Andrew, did what you said and also unchecked NDB's and got the intersection. Maybe I should have done this on previous legs as I found some of the waypoints strange? Still enjoying the legs could have done without the constant rain leg 3 though, I started to get tunnel vision. Ha Ha! Michael.
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