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  1. Great paintjobs on this aircraft, Although a somewhat ungainly looking aircraft I really like it. They were damned good fighters and served for many years. ( Rumour had it that Argentina had dragged theirs out of storage during the Falklands conflict and were planning to use them in the GA and Fighter roles. (Though quite how they would have fared against a Sea Harrier is anyone's guess!). Argentina officially retired theirs in 1968 but kept them stored. The last operational ones were retired by Honduras on 1979!
  2. Whilst most of us have been unable to visit airports for some time, Jerry Dyer's Big Jet TV has been doing an amazing job of keeping us aviation enthusiasts supplied with some great live action videos from all over the place. Everything he does is perfectly legal as his channel is run nas a business and he is a licenced broadcaster. He has now also started a series of Sim-Pilots shows for the desktop pilot community. It's a brilliant channel and certainly helps to keep us all sane. You can join in the banter and chat with viewers all over the world. They also have a FB page and are on Ins
  3. Thanks Arnold, I will be grounded for a while then as very little dosh at the moment. I may need to sell off some of my older stuff to raise funds. We did have a Game exchange in town but that is closed down. Time for a re-think.
  4. Hi Guys, Back last year I was forced to obtain a complete new computer. All good so far, but have discovered that my FSX isn't compatible with Windows 10.! So I now have FSX, FS2004 and CFS3, None of which are any good it would seem! What would you guys recommend so that I can get "Chairborne" again? Many Thanks.
  5. Lovely job, I had the pleasure of flying a real one on a couple of occasions.
  6. Well the Germans made it work with the Mistel Programme!
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