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  1. Brett,BLESS YOUR HEART !!! I lost my Internet connection (deleted Internet Explorer, I guess) & could not bring up ANYTHING including Mutley's. I think I did this accidently because I was so excited to get the view. I guess that's what happened. Please don't take the time to answer this post. I now feel like I am a burden but I will do my best to make it up to you & Mutley's. I think I have found a home. As I said, please don't go to the trouble to answer this & THANKS for the advice re: me including my E mail address.
  2. Brett, Re: > Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. ~Confucius. You now have some "real knowledge" about me but nothing close to the "extent" of it. I should have said your information on "control + backspace" gave me what I wanted WHEN I am in "virtual cockpit mode." NOW I get the "hood/nose" of the plane.This is something I have tried to get for years & NOW thanks to you it has been accomplished. WOW !!! It may be no big deal for others but it is a big deal for me. Takes all kinds to make a world.
  3. BRETT !!! WOW !!! Your control + backspace gave me what I wanted. ALL these years & I never knew about this. HOW did you come to know this, i.e. these different shifts / controls etc.?? WOW THANKS !!! NOW I need to learn how to use the forum. Think I did something wrong to make myself a "Ground Staff member or whatever. NOW, how do I send a donation & don't tell me I don't need to. I really appreciate your help.
  4. THANKS Brett. What "view" do you get BEFORE hitting the "Ctrl+Spacebar?" I get the same view your picture shows WHEN/AFTER I hit/click the "Ctrl+Spacebar" too. This is what I do not want, i.e., the view that appears AFTER clicking the "Ctrl+Spacebar." As I said up front, I am computer illiterate. ANYWAY, I saved the "picture view" I get WHEN the Sitka Mission approach comes up on my computer. However,the only thing I see to do as far as sending it to anyone is,"send to mail recipient" & I take this to mean an E mail recipient. If I had a choice of sending it to "Blog recipient" that wou
  5. Hope this gets to David & Brett. Thanks friends !!! I used the "Sitka Mission approach" to hopefully show what I was trying to accomplish. I cannot get the nose to show on the Cessna 172 like it shows in that short mission. I tried using the S & A keys but everything I try still will not bring up the nose showing from the cockpit like it shows in the Sitka approach mission. I like to see the "nose" of the plane "from" the cockpit although techinally it is called "virtual" cockpit. All I can see "from" the cockpit is the propeller when I am looking through the windshield. The Mission
  6. Am a flight sim addict (understatement) & computer illiterate(understatement). How does the plane in the Sitka Approach Mission get the "view" of the "nose" showing? I LIKE this "view." Like in the Grumman goose which comes up easy. How do I get the NOSE view in other airplanes? NOSY ain't I ? HEY THANKS for any help !!!
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