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  1. Really good to hear your recommendations thanks. Once I've tried them all I'll pick one and find some scenery and an airport download for the base I chose
  2. Thank you Dai Ill give this a whirl today
  3. anyone....? I know it can be done :/
  4. Feel bad for all my questions here :/ I now have the new twin otter extended and Cessna caravan in AH. I want to download a paint job (maybe a DHL one) so both my planes look the same. Once I've downloaded the paint jobs how do I get that paint job into AH and then onto my two AH planes? Thank you all for your help
  5. RU55

    Paint help please

    Thanks Jan and Dai! I'm going to get learning I'll get winrar maybe to see if it can change these 7z files so I can see what they look like
  6. RU55

    Paint help please

    ah ok...I don't have any programme to pain with - I will take a look on youtube I also have no idea what to do with all these paint kit files as part of the twin otter extended version download :/
  7. RU55

    Paint help please

    Hi, im pretty new to flight sim, and just purchased the extended twin otter from Aerosoft...it comes with a separate paint kit of files (7Z File) anyone know what I do with these? I really want to change the colour of the plane but cant see any info how to do this (I want both my planes I have in air hauler to be the same colour) any help would be GREAT thank you
  8. PHNG sounds perfect Dave! I like the idea of having some different live weather too, as Tahiti was sun, sun, sun, and sometimes a little cloud on a crazy day. When i'm finished with work I'll give PHNG a view I need some different coastline to crash into
  9. Hello team AH After read all about AH here and seeing the Tahiti x review. I purchased them both now have one AI pilot and some well earned £ in the bank. BUT I don't think tahiti x ever installed properly as I never saw any dolphins. And I did alot of hours around there. So I'm looking to sell my Tahiti base as I'm a little bored of these few islands.... I'm looking for some base recommendations. As trial and error will just take too long as soooooo many places to chose from. I'm looking for a small airport with asphalt runway with lights and some good views. If its a good area I'll
  10. Hmm I was just hoping other AH (real) pilots could help me Wishful thinking I guess. I'll continue to use and abuse my AI staff
  11. Thanks all Cheers Joe and Jim....going to try this and it get some damn traffic sorted today Soon I'm going to get my little plane on vatsim. Just need to learn the lyrics. (And how to land on the runway and not on the grass next to it)
  12. Hello everyone I have recently added UT2 to my FSX - but even after reading the instructions and playing about with it, all can get it static ground based aircraft. AND for some reason as soon as I have taxied out of my parking spot - a plane then appears in my place out of nowhere. I have tried the busy airports in central London and still just static planes at gates. Not one taxing, moving, landing or taking off they should re-name it 'Ultimate Still Traffic 2'
  13. John! You are correct Thanks - I went into AH options and paths - there was no path in the top path box. So I just typed in where FSX file was and it all worked. (weird how it just went though) You maybe able to help me with another question John (as I've read a lot on here and you seen to now AH very well) - I just got my first AI pilot last night (she's working hard as I type) I have seen on this forum people saying that have friends / family as their AI/employed pilots...?? Is this possible to get real people to do flights for me rather than silly AI (who don't know how to load mul
  14. Going to try that now....
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