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  1. Thanks! Yeah I ended up getting the ATI 7950 (3 GB). I may try to sell it for that NVIDIA though.
  2. Hi guys, I'm going to be buying a new HP computer with an i7-3770. I have a few options for graphics cards and as you all probably remember well, I'm rather technically challenged haha. I was wondering if you all could help me out in making my choice here. I'll be willing to pay the costs of any of the cards listed below. They offered the AMD Radeon HD 7950 for $379 more but considering the cost of the computer, that's a little out of my price range. My build will be used for games like Battlefield 3 and Flight Simulator X. Here are my options: 1GB DDR3 AMD Radeon HD 757 (Default Price)
  3. Very nice! That's my favourite ORBX destination in the Pacific Northwest. Can't believe it's free!
  4. Two more recordings of a flight I did a while ago. I recorded using the Nflightcam and the recordings include in-cockpit audio . Not my best landings. I'm in the process of transitioning over to Pipers to I'm getting landing techniques mixed up. I'm sure that when I get more used to the differences, I won't be making these dumb mistakes anymore. In the first video, my approach was far too high and in the second video, I flared too low and didn't flare enough so the touchdown was a little "flat." Very nice sky in the second video. Hope you enjoy! Comments and subscriptions much appreciated.
  5. The default ATC also authorizes this...
  6. No problem Max! The C172R is set at $130/hour (fuel included). It's great for the cross countries, but if I'm just flying locally, I prefer the cheaper C150L for $90/hour (much smaller hole in my pocket haha).
  7. Ah okay sorry haha! Yeah, I always perform a runup with a magneto check, but I cut the entire runup out of the video because I was afraid the already-long video would become too long. I think 15 min is YouTube's limit isn't it? I wasn't sure. Anyway, I'll try to include in the video next time I go up for a local flight. (I hope I answered your question. I'm very sorry for my misunderstanding the first time)
  8. That's one of my favourite documentaries. I was fortunate enough to see it in an IMAX theatre with a bubble-like screen that it was projected on a few years back. I liked it so much I bought the DVD
  9. Hi aeromax, Thank you! We usually do the magneto checks at a designated runup area which is near the hold short line on all runways at KCBF. Yeah, the Cessna 172s don't have a controllable-pitch propeller so there's no prop check.
  10. Thanks a lot guys!!! Yeah winds were at about 340 @ 16 gusts to 30 and I was landing runway 35. That's worse than what I expected, but not as bad as this one time I had to land at KLNK on runway 35 in a Cessna 150 when the winds were at 270 @ 26 gusts to 32. Now that was fun haha. I felt like I was on the show Flying Wild Alaska for that one! I've been flying for about a year and a half and have a little over 75 hours at the moment
  11. Hi guys, Long time no see! I recorded my last flight with the nflightcam. More videos to come on that youtube account if you guys are interested. Please subscribe, rate, comment, and like. Enjoy! (HD available)
  12. Sorry guys, I know you're probably tired of seeing this one. I'll try to take some new ones at some point this month and update this post.
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