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  1. that would be interesting beehive for sure as soon as the service available out here; ill have our drone video their drone delivering :D
  2. YaY \ o / Thank you Joe <3 i would still love it as a friend and as a personal challenge! to work with you to get you the perfect sky you are envisioning at night we do have controls we can work with, down to individual setting for each one of the 58 stars used in navigation,
  3. there is also an additional global switch you can use to increase stars brightness with any data set being applied, stars global brightness can be adjusted in both situation with HDR is ON or OFF! to further refine any database global brightness, this will further refine how stars are finally rendered on each specific screen, i know i said its not designed for navigation, still... challenge me!
  4. i should probably mention that from the data we have; rendering below MAG7 yields very close to the 9k records currently exists in sim native database, that is why we opted to start Stargazer at MAG7 and didn't bother with offering anything below that, our MAG7 is not far from Sim native database starting at 16k records vs sim's 9k native records, we give you everything from there to the most ridicules MAG that still makes sense rendered
  5. i know you don't take these reviews lightly Joe you were very enthusiastic from day one with regards to stars data, your interest in astronomy is far more advance then most simmers i know, that's one of the reasons it wasn't as formal as it should have been due to our numerous discussions on the topic, it is still your point of view i have no issues with that, i just feel a miss, we should have match expectation earlier, i was sure you would perceive Stargazer as an ambiance addon with added real values in it; rather than a straight up navigation aid addon, ye
  6. we haven't rendered multicolored stars, its a single white colored with difference in brightness, size, and distance, if you noticed colored green blue or red dotted stars that means you had HDR turned to off! which explains why you saw colored stars as P3D cannot render these shades with HDR off, to get a less exaggerated result for the purpose of navigating by stars; you could have used Mag 7 without HDR which would bring out a more familiar patterns you were looking for this addon is not meant to use for star navigation and never claimed to be! yes
  7. i am little surprised with the images posted and obviously the result you see in your sim at night it doesn't look anything like Stargazer; more like default Stars! is your HDR turned on in these shoots?
  8. indeed Joe Stargazer is a product on its own merits unrelated to Black Marble NG release Stargazer https://forums.chrisbelldesigns.com/topic/681-stargazer-project-released/ Black Marble Next Generation (NG) https://forums.chrisbelldesigns.com/topic/702-black-marble-next-generation-released/
  9. i know Matt but we are not in astronomical observatory sim we have to make due with what we have in flight sim, you can set HDR to off and you barely see a handful of stars in default, if you turned off HDR with Stargazer you will get a more accurate representation with full Mag 12 depth, as you go up in altitude more faint stars come into view in a more real life manner up to mag 12 depth,
  10. Stargazer is a separate product Matt! we went from none to having many options now; to each his own with regard to visual preferences! its there for one to choose from; we didn't force one or the other magnitudes as static, in our video we are not trying to showcase a scientific sky replica of the for astrophysicist study, rather showcase the full range of Stargazer offering, we provided all the data between where your eye can "technically" see from ground level, to a thousand feet above ground in a higher layer of the atmosphere where most simmer lives up there visuals do
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