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  1. Hi Guys, I had an extended period where I had no PC at all during my bankruptcy, drove me insane, I guess that is why I am flying most days at the moment, sometimes twice a day, but then I am not working at the moment and have had some spare time, although it is changing due to work being carried out on my flat from the end of this week...
  2. Hi All, Okay another few days of flying and quite a bit of news for SlimAir Logistics.... I have updated all the usual SlimAir, Pilots entries etc, but we have also added TWO new BAe Jetstream 4100's to the companies fleet. These are the well know PMDG models and are currently in their house livery which I will change at a later date when I setup my second PC with Photoshop on. On top of that you will notice in the Technical section I also now have Captain Sim's 727, this has been kindly donated to me from a fellow Air Hauler based in Vancouver and I would like to take this opportunity to t
  3. Hi Mutley, No problem, unfortunately there is more now as always, trying to keep up with things myself, I do try a look at most of the post on here and the AH forum, but never always have time, the Pedestals projects look very cool... ah one day maybe... lol
  4. Is it an advert from them, I didn't know that, a friend just sent it and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. But I do have two Samsung screens, so I don't mind spreading their advert :-)
  5. SlimNasty

    3D Illusion

    Hi Guys, Okay now I know I have been a little quite, but my friend sent me this tonight and I just had to share it with you guys as it is SO AWESOME. Nothing to do with FSX, but FANTASIC all the same... http://www.videobash.com/video_show/3d-illusion-1407 ENJOY
  6. Hi Guys, Just to let you know I have updated my site this morning, been slacking off a little so might be quite a few bits for you guys to read (sorry) http://web.me.com/slimnasty/SlimAir_Logistics/Welcome.html Hope you like :-)
  7. Hi Mutley, Well it isn't going well, decided to give up on PC laptop as it needs a new battery for the clock and the main one also. Tried installing XP Pro on Mac and couldn't find my old OS as it is an upgrade version. Tried installing Vista and it wouldn't pick up any network device at all, so ended up putting Win7 on it which works a treat, but won't activate, probably as I have it on the main PC already. So I still haven't done anything with AH yet, will program AI on the PC I think for now until I can get XP sorted on Mac, if I can....
  8. The laptop hasn't gone quite to plan as the clock battery died, reset the clock, I opened AH and it punished me for the date and set my rep back to 70%. I am going to install XP on my Mac so it is dual boot and install it on there, then copy the original data across from the PC and start again... All the weekends work gone, but we live and learn...
  9. Hi Guys, Okay SlimAir Logistics is back, in sorts... I decided to copy the company data across to my laptop and have been busy getting the AI Fleet back in the air, in less than 12 hours they have made me a healthy
  10. SlimNasty


    That one actually looks really interesting as it supports Test Drive Unlimited another one of my favourite games...
  11. SlimNasty

    Tile Proxy

    Hi Mutley, I already have Ultimate Terrain Europe which does the trick, just want USA to look good for the trip, don't really want to buy anything as cash is very tight at the moment. So Tile Proxy looked good, I think I will give it a go and see what it looks like. I'll let everyone know how I get on with it.
  12. SlimNasty

    Tile Proxy

    Hi Guys, I could have sworn I read about Tile Proxy on here, but can't seem to find the post when I search. Anyway has anyone tried it, or using it now or is there an alternative? I am planning a journey in AH from SlimAir when I return to flying in a few weeks time and will be travelling across the USA and onto Hawaii and was thinking of installing this to liven up the journey. I only want to install it if it is worth while though, can anyone let me know what it is like and if it is worth the effort? Many Thanks
  13. SlimNasty


    Hi All, I was having a look around on youtube this morning for video's on tile proxy to see what it is like, sure someone mentioned it on here at some point and I came across someone using a piece of software called Cachya. Basically it is a DIY/Low cost variant of TrackIR whereby you download some software, printout a visual marker on non reflective paper and attach it to a cap/hat. You can use any webcam which I imagine most people have, although they are very cheap these days and it means you either don't have to spend a fortune on TrackIR or at the very least you can try it out and see i
  14. Hi Hurricane, See that's what I like about these forums, after you posted I looked it up and now I know about CHIRP :-) Didn't before today... still a novice at heart.
  15. Hi All, Another one could be: Pilot says "I'm a PC" Bird says "I'm a Mac - Take That!" lol
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