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  1. Oh, the weather! It was attrocious mid-morning. I felt lucky to arrive in one piece after the run along the M6! Great show, nice to meet you Joe. I popped up late on with Paul K. Already looking forward to the next one - perhaps I'll know a few more people next time around! I spotted only a couple of 'celebrities' but probably walked passed a dozen more without realising...
  2. Looking forward to the show on Saturday and meeting some of you there. Also very interested to see AH2 since most of my FSX hours have been clocked up ferrying small packages of random items around Australia, trying to make ends meet each month whilst avoiding fines by missing tight deadlines... I've drifted over to the dark side of DCS lately, but perhaps the show will convert me back to more civil skies!
  3. Well done, Soya! You had 3 great entries this month and I had a strong feeling one of them might win it - deservedly so. Great job on the winning entry :icon_thumbup:
  4. I have given the PBY Catalina a short break from cargo duties and so my Beechcraft Duke is parked up at YCTM Cootamundra, awaiting a return flight to home base at YMAY Albury once the right opportunity (=free time) and AirHauler job comes along. It's been sat there idle for two weeks, in fact - my company's reputation just dropped!
  5. Just getting in before the deadline. I had a few shots a while back but tried taking more on Friday, only to find FRAPS hadn't bothered to save any of them. No idea why. So had to start over. Anyway... God Bless America, they made the first flight and so pioneered general aviation, long-haul air travel, and even visited the moon: The relatively early beginnings of modern, comfortable, long-distance passenger flights. If only air travel was as luxurious now: (The competition wouldn't be complete without a 377 entry from me! ) Finally, they built an aircraft around a great big gun - nat
  6. You do if you ever look at the recent news stories! Sony already 'gave away' all of my information... Easily solved - just put out bogus information instead! Pick a flag from a random country and try to find the most interesting one :icon_thumbup: (that's if every country has a flag included on the board).
  7. Nice repaint (as always, looking at some of your other threads!). I'm very tempted by the 707 in the CS sale, but temptation must sometimes be resisted. It's a bargain, but I have so many dusty planes in my hangar (including their 727 and 757) I really shouldn't be buying more :001_th_smiles48: I bet they'll have a Christmas sale so I might wait till then. But it does scream "buy me, I'm only €10!" - someone please make the evil voice go away!!! Martyn
  8. Brilliant shots, Rich! Everything is in harmony in those shots, from the choppy water with grey, misty weather, to the hazy skies with the glorious sunsets. Interesting to see the C208 at Murray Field in the last shot - that's where I first flew mine from a couple of weeks back when I won it courtesy of JF & this forum! Orbx scenery is brilliant. Since AU Blue came out I have almost never flown outside that area, and I've had it over 2 years! Martyn
  9. Well done, Alan! A great shot and a worthy winner. It's certainly a more dramatic moment than most of us will experience in our MS FS 'careers'! Most of us have to make do with 'dramatic' sunsets for our excitement, as you can see from many of the other entries! Martyn
  10. Hi all, Just wanted to let any Stratocruiser pilots out there know about A2A's latest expansion, Captain of the Ship, which was released over the weekend. I've been waiting impatiently since it was announced a few short weeks ago, and bought it as soon as I could! It contains many enhancements for the aircraft itself, including new sounds for all the switches and various electrical motors, new aircraft systems, new crew speech and passenger/stewardess sounds, plus a career module which tracks your flight progress depending on your piloting skills, including appropriate usage of the pressuris
  11. Now that's a REAL aeroplane! Great shots :icon_thumbup: Is it the First Class Simulations Lancaster? It looks great, though I heard the 3D model isn't quite accurate somehow. I can't tell from the screenies in any case (if it even is that model), but I'm not a 'rivet counter' anyway. Enjoy it! I have the Plane Design Lanc for FS9 which was great for its time. I'll no doubt pick up another one at some point. Maybe A2A will Accu-Sim one for us - now that would be an add-on to die for :wootmesalia:
  12. Cheers both! I'll give those settings a try once I've downloaded Overdrive One thing I've decided I don't like about REX (getting a bit off-topic but oh well) is that it removes the fog layer when viewed from above. I know, it was rather ugly, cutting into mountains and through trees in a very harsh manner, but at least I knew when it was foggy down below. More than once I've been flying back to Albury (my AirHauler home base), where REX said it was VFR before take off, but had the weather change on route, little to my knowledge! As I'm descending towards the airfield and asking for permiss
  13. Only other suggestions I have are: 1) Try to find a driver removal tool to clear out the newer driver files before installing the older driver. Maybe something is left behind that the older driver doesn't overwrite. 2) Try taking out & reseating your graphics card in its slot. 3) Try blowing out any excess dust that might cause overheating. If it's crashing from a cold boot as soon as you log in, I'd say it was most likely a driver fault than a hardware fault. That said (having just re-read your post), the red lines across the screen sound more like a hardware fault, but options 2 &
  14. Cheers all! I have had the C208 lurch forward on start up, but then I realised I hadn't checked the parking brake beforehand... :blush: Otherwise it's okay so far, though turboprop aircraft can be a bit fiddly to handle on the ground in FSX regarding the throttle it seems, even in low idle. You give it a bit more power, then a bit more, then before you know it you're doing 30 kts! I'm quite a turboprop newbie. I recently got the Flight1 ATR 72-500 after resubscribing to PC Pilot, so it's soon time to get my turboprop studying hat on. That hasn't stopped me from getting them up in the air tho
  15. Gorgeous! Now stop posting photographs and put up some screenshots instead :001_th_smiles89:
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