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  1. Thanks Stu, I moved "My Traffic" down the priiorty under my add-on airports and that has resolved the issues. Many thanks Paul
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I do have My Traffic installed and from memory it is higher in priority than my airports (at work at the moment so can't check). but sounds like a good possibility.
  3. Thanks MB. Should have said that I had already run the db manager after installing the add-on, and it still shows the stock details. Somehow the Sim is displaying the add-on visually in the sim but using the details (Rwy, parking etc) of the stock airport. It seems alos that FSC is reading the stock values. Paul
  4. Hi, I have a minor but annoying problem. I recently installed a freeware add-on airport for Malaga (LEMG). The airport installs fine and appears normally within the sim (FSX-SE) but the default map still shows all of the airport details for the original stock FSX airport (i.e. runways 14/32 instead of 13/31) and when you select a parking position the plane usually ends up half in a building. I also noticed that on my Flight Sim Commander map the details are also of the stock airport. I am no expert with the scenery cfg file but I looked in there and as far as i can tell the entry for
  5. There is a fairly comprehensive guide to reinstalling on the PMDG site, helped me when I did a clean re-install (or three!) http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a87/how-to-uninstall-and-reinstall-fsx.aspx
  6. Maddox, You are a star, tried to install with the bottom option and worked a treat, version is now 1.54 SP4.1. I am away on holiday so glad I got this sorted before I went, can look forward to starting my new company when I get back. Thanks again for all your help. Paul
  7. Maddox, Will try when I get home tonight. Had an e-mail from Just Flight basically saying they were not sure what to suggest and would I like to exchange the product! Have e-mailed them back saying I dont want to exchange. They can verify my purchase can they not send me a version of the patch that doesn't need to check with JF that I have a valid purchase. Not expecting that to happen but no harm in asking. Will try your suggestion tonight though, Thanks
  8. Maddox That sounds like the exact same eror message I get. Just flight support advised me to change default browser to IE (was using firefox) and try but I had the same problem. If I hear anything else I will let you know. Paul
  9. Yes, tried with admin rights etc. Bit frustrating. I didn't have this problem when I installed it previously, and every other add-on has reinstalled fine, there's always one to trip you up though!
  10. Hi there, long time reader, first time poster! I recently reinstalled my entire FSX set-up and all associated add-ons. All has gone smoothly (albeit taken a long time) except Air Hauler. I have re-installed the main program without any problems but when I run the patch installer I hit a problem. The installer runs and I select the "unlock from digital download" (or whatever the exact wording is) the installer then tries to contact Just flight for verification but fails with a shop server error. I have been in contact with JF support (and am still in contact with them) but as yet we
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