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  1. Thank you very much, and congrats to CSoul! I Had a lot of school work, so I just saw this!
  2. Screenshot 2: AgustaWestland at Sundown
  3. So if you have already posted a shot with edits, it will be disqualified?
  4. To Joe: Ok, but what if I already edited one of my shots? I sharpened one of them. Can minor edits be allowed in this contest since we already posted ours? After this the rule applies?
  5. To Brett: I see. But I've always loved the effect lens flare adds to a picture, so I asked. Good thing I didn't put it on though! Thanks!
  6. Oh and I have a question now. Does lens flare (Manually added, not from FSX) count as a minor edit or is it not allowed?
  7. To SEATAC: I am not the administrator (Or even part of crew) here, but I think that if the picture does not meet requirements, then it is skipped and the next highest picture is given first place prize. Well, that seems logical.
  8. Alright, I popped another question. For our current contest, I know we have to be able to see a beach or coastline. But a lot of them don't have a sun in the picture. Is a sun part of the requirements of a picture?
  9. Thanks for the reply Brett. But I meant that if you already won once in the past, are you able to win again in any other contest in the future?
  10. To Captain Coffee: Thats nice . I loved you screenshots though! To Brett: So does rule seven mean you cant win the next contest after your win, but you can win again after that?
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