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  1. High fiving god with my MiG-25: Highest flying air breathing aircraft to date!
  2. Late entry, but here it goes! Boeing-747-800F at TNCM
  3. I feel what MyPC8MyBrain mentioned is very true. In my opinion, the admin should not be the one that should decide on the winner. If we all vote, the winner would always be agreed upon (since it had most votes), but putting the responsibility on the hands of only one person will mean that he/she will choose one based on only his or her opinion. The outcome may or may not be agreed on at all times by others.
  4. Maybe this?: Nobody votes throughout the competition but we all can post images and participate. The contests ends 1 day earlier so the site staff can pick the final five. Then the final five are revealed at the last day when the contest is over. The next contest begins the next month (just like how it currently is). But along with the new contest, a voting also begins for the previous month. We are given a reasonable time (maybe 5 days?) to vote for the winner. My own words are starting to confuse me so I'll give an example June 1: New contest begins. June 30: Contest is closed a
  5. Hi, how about a combination of both? Out of all the entries, the admins pick 10 or any number, and then we begin voting from those. This way as J G said, late entries have a chance. We can also do a "reverse" of this where we pick the top 10 and the admins choose the winner? This would allow both the admins and us users to participate in the final decision, and we would all agree with the final decision!
  6. Im not even at the main trouble yet. My new Tristar's textures are messed up for some reason, and I have to reinstall it when I have time, when I finish all school work. I won't be posting pictures right now, but I will make sure to do soon! Meanwhile, good luck on the snapshots!
  7. I would like to say that I really appreciate your help guys! I took what you said into consideration and wanted to pick between the Tristar and the BAe-146. I really love the detail in those two planes. Anyways, I thought long and hard about it, and decided I want to go for the Tristar. If I win next time, I know what I will pick! Well, good luck on the next contest, and hope you guys can win! I will post pictures of the Tristar on the next contest.
  8. To hifly: I like jet aircraft. I prefer commercial airliners and military aircraft. I am lite in skill level. Thanks for helping me out. EDIT: It does not have to be too modern. It can be a little older like the Tristar (Which seems like a great aircraft). And sorry for being so specific.
  9. Thanks to all of you! There are too many great products to choose from. Does any have any recommendations? (I'm more into modern aircraft.)
  10. How about: - "Need for Speed" - Show off your fastest jets! - "Scenic View" - Get a picture with an amazing view! - "Bumpy Takeoff" - Take a screenshot of unique takeoff (Not from a runway but water, dirt, and others are allowed) - "Photo Recreation" - Recreate a real picture in FSX. When posting the pictures, post the real picture that corresponds with the right picture in the same post. - "Different" - Take a screenshot of a strange or unique situation (For example: Fireworks, major lightning storm...) - "To the North Pole" - Have a picture that shows lots and lots of snow! I h
  11. My second go at this. Beautiful pictures so far! (Note: Contrast was changed with ENB)
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