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  1. I've sorted this problem using bglana3 & MCX with the sca. file......thanks. Terry.
  2. I'm not sure I know how to change the directory in command promt John - what to type, eg? Brett, They're in the same folder. When I drop the bgl onto BglAnalyze9, a black command style window appears & very quickly disappears.....that's it....nothing else.!!
  3. Hello. I'm a new memeber & this is my first post. I have a scenery bgl file given me years ago by a kind man, & I want to extract a mdl file from it. NewBglAnalyze tells me it cannot do it as the source file is an old-style file.....it's for FS9 by the way. I cannot get my BglAnalyze9 to work. I click on it & a small window flashes onto my desktop & vanishes. I'm stumped...can someone tell me how to work it? I have a small jpg to show how it looks on my desktop but I can't find how to attach/insert it. Thanks. Terry.
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