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  1. Another one. 6 minutes, a beat up and a landing.
  2. And to be a bit more tedious and boring - a take off. I've just notice that the instruments were very laggy. Maybe because I started up SimPanels before FSx. I think I might do this movie again, but it gives you the basic idea
  3. Ok, so I went and had a little play yesterday arvo. This is "Start Up"
  4. How does one upload a video (.mp4 file)? I did one of the start up so you could here the engine noise (music). Photobucket, my usual source for the picture in this thread will only handle photos, I think.
  5. What's the name of the Greek paratrooper? Con Descending What's the name of the Greek bloke who always argued? Con Tensious
  6. The three screens are now up and seem to be working, although Nvidia did one of their software updates and I had to completely re-define the screen set up. FSx still doesn't like the triple screen, and crashes if you try change any of the settings whilst in it. What I normally do is make all the changes, save them in small screen setting, and fly in large screen. Because Screen 1 is usually used by the Panel software and behind a mask, I have to use a split screen for the normal computer management type operations, and then setting it all to run from behind the sim.
  7. G'day to you all, I am still around, and still working on the Spit. Family and heath have go in the way a bit. My son got married, my daughter has been posted back into the area (she is an officer in the Australian Army) and I had shoulder surgery, meaning that I was unable to work in the shop as much as I wanted to. Also meant I have been grounded since Oct 2016... I really need my flying fix and soon. So where were we? I made a representation of the big 'ol brass compass (either a P6 or a P8) that the Spit had mounted on the bulkhead under the instrument panel.
  8. Good afternoon all, I see that I have not made a post since February, very slack and totally unacceptable! Unfortunately work has been workish, and during the winter the workshop was not a nice place to be in. What about the last 2 months of spring? You got me there, just slack! No more excuses. Here is where we are at the moment! The windscreen element took some fiddling and a couple of re-cuts of 3mm clear vinyl, and the aluminium flashing took some getting right, but it looks like it might do the job. Once it has a coat of paint (grey/green cammo) it should be OK. D
  9. Brian, I had a look at SPAD a couple of weeks ago, but went the Lua route. Got a reply back from Rob at RealAir, who confirmed that I need to 'fly' one of the a/c that has a radio. RealAir presents several Mk IX with different liveries, if you want to use the radio for VATSIM etc, you have to use one that represents a restored a/c, and has a radio fitted. I'll be investigating all that this weekend. On second thoughts, maybe I should go fly a real aeroplane? It's 31 deg C here at the moment, and promises to be a bit hotter tomorrow (Sat 7 Feb) could be a bit bumpy, but should be worth the tr
  10. Quick update time. Been painting, and tweeking the FSUICP4 settings and things are all starting to work. Only the one "horizon screen" in use at the moment, but there will be three in time. Still not covered the lower fuse yet, as I still need access to the wires and runs. On a couple of days though, that will be done, and I have to paint it inside. Contortion artist, sort back and barked shins and elbows. It really was a very small aeroplane! I am having an issue with getting the "radio" to work, and I have a feeling that is because RealAir didn't "fit" a radio to their Spit IX So
  11. John, I am running a 5:1 surround sound for the engine and airframe sounds. I would like to use my headset for ATC/VATSIM etc. but I don't want to loose the fantastic sound of the Merlin over the 5:1. Is there any merit in installing a second sound card to the PC and setting FSX to use this card for ATC and the surround sound for the rest? Regards Steph
  12. JG. Headsets and helmets are to be hung nonchalantly over the windscreen arch (TIC), along with your silk scarf. (Given me another idea - maybe some of that leatherette stuff to make a WWII style leather helmet complete with goggles?)
  13. JG, I love that bang seat mate. I am thinking of how to do the seat on the Spit. I realised pretty early on that I would be unable to replicate the deep seat pan for the parachute (and then that would mean I would have to make a dummy parachute as well...there are some limits) so I opted for just a seat - the woofer for the 5:1 surround sound system is buried in the bottom of it. How did you do the upholstery? I am going to use a heavy drill in a sandy/brown or sage green (undecided at the moment) and need about 2-3" of high density foam. Any input from your side would be appreciated. St
  14. A couple of shots to show the trim controls for the port lower cockpit wall, and the back shows the potentiometers. You can see the light green/blue the inside of the cockpit will be painted. A fairly crappy shot of the dummy instrument on the dash (memo to self - might take that photo again). I will always have oxygen and brake pressure!
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