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  1. Sorry - It is a new PC and my last post was from work so I was responding from memory - am in front of the PC now. It is installed on the D: Drive not the E: Drive as I mentioned before but it is installed in "D:Microsoft Flight Simulator X" and not in "D:Program Files (x86)Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator X". Is this a problem? I do not have any default programmes associated with .spb files and the.xml files are associated with "XML Editor" Cheers Wade
  2. No - because I have a nice large 1Tb E: drive in the pc with very little on it I have installed the FSX onto that.
  3. I have a quad core Intel based machine with 4 GB RAM running Windows 7 64 bit and have just installed FSX Deluxe. The installation went fine, the intro ran without a problem and Free Flight works fine too. Unfortunately whenever I try to go into any of the Missions FSX reports an (unspecified) error and then restarts. When not relaxing I use the machine for development using Visual Studio 2008 and SQL 2008 and so have both of these products installed. Following advice from other places on the Internet I have installed both FSX service packs and also a Microsoft hot fix that was suggested may f
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