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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/f32h7xbblukrq Still need to get some wood to mount it up.
  2. Very nice, have you managed to get the Saitek panels to work with add on aircraft, I have found I get different functionality depending on how complex the add on is, ie majestic dash 8 has very limited functionality, realair Duke most things work.
  3. Ordered a second 7" lcd on black Friday, just my luck it went missing in the post, the replacement came yesterday, didn't get to plug it in until today and surprise surprise the networked pc with the msi 6970 card isn't picking it up, done some research and I think the pirt I'm connected to is a DVI D, getting a hdmi to vga converter cable. Once thats sorted just want the Saitek multi panel then I'm going to start mounting everything into a panel.
  4. Not sure if it would help but I bought the saitek radio panel specifically for changing radio frequencies with vox atc, it sure makes it a lot easier. just not sure if it will help your situation.
  5. Yes that was what I was thinking Chris, I had the issue with the Isle of scilly and uk 2000 airfields, I just run the UK2000 airfields software and disabled that airfield which is what it says to do on there forum.
  6. OK, I've tried various settings but always there is the desktop behind. What I have done is got rid of all the big icons that were showing off the desktop & then set the tool bar at the bottom to auto hide, I'm happy now. Thanks for everyones help, next is to get some wood and start making the panel.
  7. Thanks Brian. I don't think I would of got through getting this to work without your fantastic assistance.
  8. Hi Brian. Well what a story, I had a hell of a game getting the two pc's to talk to each other, even though they were connected via the ethernet crossover cable. It turned out the problem was because my slave pc wasn't connected to the Internet, my router being downstairs it has to be via wifi, my wife with her industrious tidying managed to lose my original wifi dongle and my usb mouse dongle for that pc so I've had to buy new ones. Then I set too in installing the FSX SDK and updates for sim connect on both machines following Froogles guide including the updates, I couldn't get the pan
  9. Hi Brian. I have only installed panel builder on my FSX pc so far, and I had both my main display and the 7" display connected to that one pc. Once I can get the pc's talking to each other and not lose my wifi Internet connection in the process I will install panel builder onto the slave pc. I think the reason your not losing the guages must be the triple head hardware. I wrongly thought that just plugging in two computers with a crossover ethernet cable would allow them to instantly access each other.
  10. Hi Brian, Yes I was able to drag the display below as in your screenshot, I set panel builder exactly as you described, every setting, again as soon as I go FSX full screen mode the guages disappear off the 7" display. I bought the ethernet crossover cable and a new multi socket power cable for my other pc and ancilaries I connected my other pc to the 7" display, set my drives on my FSX PC to sharing as per Froogles vid, the drive did not show up on the other PC as in his video. Both PC are Win 7 64 bit, both PC are named the same. I tried setting up a new network, my FSX pc is wifi t
  11. Hi Brian, Thanks for posting the set up procedure. This looks for the most part like what I did, except I can't drag the second monitor below the main monitor like in your screenshot, mine sits side by side. It definitely lists my 7" display as screen 2 and my 24" as screen 1. I did have background enabled however as the screen shows the same desk top image as my main display, is this what it should do ? I have also discovered that even without any guages being displayed on the 7" it has a very bad effect on the simulators performance if it is just switched on and displaying nothing
  12. Ok, thanks Brian. I have purchased fswide. I am going to connect my other pc up, I feel this will in the long run be the better option.
  13. MMM,I can't win with this. I have set panel builder to single monitor, as soon as I go FSX full screen it either drops the cockpit view onto the small LED display and the guages go and I get a black screen on the main display or I get the fulll screen on the main display and the guages go on the small panel. I haven't got a clue how to set up Nvidia surround as the two screens have very different resolutions, not sure if it's possible to set two different resolutions. I have had a look in all the panel builder folders I have and I cannot see a settings folder I'm afraid, Yes you are correc
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