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  1. Hi Brian Thanks for making contact and points noted. Trevor
  2. Hi John & Dai Thank you very much for responding to my request for help. I will have a look at the website mentioned. Since writing my request for help I have made an enquiry with Leo Bobnar and they have also given a helpful response. They have advised that their Boards already contain software and so do not need programming, so clearly an option. The Board they are recommending is the BBI-32. I also like the idea of Arduino as there must be a sense of satisfaction in writing some programmes and seeing them work! Have been down to Maplin and bought a book 'Getting Started with Arduin
  3. Hi Fellow Simmers I am looking to build a GA cockpit and would greatly appreciate some advise. My current PC is over 7 years old and so I am looking to replace it shortly - hope to go for a top of the range machine built specifically for flightsim. With what I am planning to do, I shall also need a secondary machine. As I am familar with FSX I am intending to purchase P3D - feel this is the way to go given the amount of attention LH is giving it. For my cockpit build, I already have the CH yoke and pedals + Saitek BIP panel, Swtich panel, Comms Panel and Autopilot. For my instru
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