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  1. Greetings,

    In mid drift of building a new Barron 58 Simulator with lots of buttons and encoders,Would anybody have a list of available buttons / encoders that can be mapped

    with this aircraft.

    Also is the Garmin GPs 500 GPS available within this aircraft like FSX to undock

    Thanks in advance

    Stay Safe

    Sorry if this has been posted before , I did look

  2. Thanks guys

    i have the yoke in question but its not that easy to measure, its not a square box but consists of multiple angles which need to be quite accurate on cad

    as this will be cut out buy a laser


    if you google xtop pro flight panel the yoke hole is the dimensions i need



    thanks for the quick response and


    Happy xmas

  3. Hi all

    first of all a great site, i thank you all


    i have searched further than the starship enterprise to try and find a front view with the dimensions for a saitek pro flight yolk.

    90% of the cad work is done and once i have this i can complete it and send it off to the cnc chaps to cut it out.

    all the running gear is saitek ,and once i make sure it all fits any one is welcome to a copy of the cad drawing



    thanks in advance





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