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  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for your reply, and sorry to hear of your health problems, I can imagine it must be somewhat of a strain. I was disappointed that MEBAR was absent last year, but that's life I guess. I have never paid much attention to social media, and am not on Farce Book or Twatter for that matter, and never will be. Cheers
  2. I see that we have just under 4,500 members, but the contributions to the forum seem to be from a small core body of regulars. I wonder why that is, and that the wider membership dont contribute.
  3. San Francisco-based forwarders Flexport has been contracted to fly "three 747 loads of potatoes" to Japan to ease a spud shortage caused by flood-related delays at Vancouver Port and ongoing supply chain bottlenecks. A recent move by McDonald’s to limit french-fry portions in Japan has fed speculation that the tater consignee is, in fact, McDonald's.
  4. I asked my Chinese flatmate if he'd seen my cocaine. He said "Yes, he was great in The Italian Job".
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