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  1. Incident: Sunstate DH8D at Sydney on Jul 12th 2021, crew did not retract landing gear A Sunstate Aviation de Havilland Dash 8-400 on behalf of Qantas, registration VH-QOY performing flight QF-2213 from Sydney,NS to Albury,NS (Australia), was climbing out of Sydney when the crew working the after takeoff checklist did not retract the landing gear. Only later in the flight while enroute at FL240 the crew discovered the gear was still down, verified it was safe to retract the landing gear and decided to return to Sydney for a safe landing about one hour after departure.
  2. Hi Guys, After a long absence, I thought it about time I showed my face again. Its been over a year, or roughly that, and its been somewhat traumatic. I was diagnosed with lung cancer, and subsequently had my right lung removed, and underwent 3 sessions of chemo therapy, and all that, that entails. In remission now, so lets hope it stays that way. I have an appointment with my oncologist at the end of next month, for another checkup. Am feeling fine and looking forward to some quality living. Haven't done much simming of late, but keep up to date on the forums. With all the hype abou
  3. I had my leg X-rayed today.The doctor said "Your patellas only measures 2.54cm."I said, "Inch high knees?"He said, “你的膝盖高2.54厘米"
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