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  1. No worries man, I appreciate all of your help! I do have a quick question for you guys... For cutting the instrument holes in the MIP (I'm using 3/4 - 1.0 inch thick plywood), what is the preferred method? I had planned to clamp it down and use a drill + jigsaw to cut the holes, but there may be a better way.
  2. Hey Brian, Thanks so much for your help! I have a hard time thinking someone hasn't done it before... but Googling hasn't returned anything, sadly. For the Carb Heat, it doesn't have to be a full axis, on/off would be fine with me! I'm hoping to finalize some of the plans this morning then run off to the hardware store to buy some lumber, I'll probably start with the MIP before moving on to the initial frame. Once I get going on the project, a new thread will be created with pictures and such detailing what I'm doing.
  3. Hello all! There is some great information on home cockpits in this forum... a lot of stuff to help me with my own build. I've been slowly collecting flight sim hardware over the past years to complete my enclosed 2-person GA cockpit and I'm 2 pieces shy of being done. After I get those two pieces, all that remains are buying the chairs and then the "fun" part of building the frame! I do need some help though... the last two pieces, while small and somewhat trivial, are things I'd like to have in the Sim, but I've had a really hard time finding someone who can build them. I myself do
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