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  1. Thanks Brian, I am looking to stop using Triple head to 2 go with the hope that it will give less crabbing effect and yes your right...lots of hours and money and still no way near where I want it to be! Many thanks.
  2. Just working out how to add images....The above shows the 3 screens waiting for the other 2!!
  3. Hi there, Just come across this site and looks like it could be great for me to talk to like minded people! I have been three years building a 737-800 cockpit in my garage. It started off as a hobby but had so much interest I descided to run full commercial software...ouch!.... (it doubles the cost of the sim instantly!) and start hiring the simulator out. Most of this project has been a slow and painfull learning experience. The one thing I have spent a lot of time on is multiple views. I dont have enough room in the garage to use projectors and quite honestly, I prefer the image f
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