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  1. Hi All, Your main man Rob Scott painted this livery for me, but we ran into some issues that we can't resolve. Hoping someone on here can help? I can supply the texture and would, if possible, love it on the wionglet version too
  2. Troy

    Laptops and FS X

    What about these specs? Good Bad? Toshiba Satellite 15" Notebook <p id="feature_div"> 2nd Generation Intel Core i7-2630 2.0ghz CPU 750GB HDD 6gb RAM Win 7 Home Premium DVD +/- & CD Recorder 4 USB Ports USB Version 3.0 SD Card Reader Webcam Bluetooth WIFI 2MB Graphics Memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M (Optimus) with 2GB Dedicated Graphics 750 GB HDD 6 GB RAM 15.6 Inch Screen 1 HDMI Ports 1366 x 768 Screen Resolution 6 Cell Battery
  3. Wow amazing
  4. Troy

    Laptops and FS X

    Hey Guys, I am looking at possibly buying a laptop and was wondering if they are any good with running FS X. I assume that if they run FS X then they will run FS 9. Does anybody have any opinions or ideas, or should I just get a new desktop PC........thought he idea of a laptop sounds nice. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, Troy
  5. After departing Alice Springs for Melbourne, I then flew to Cairns, where I am now located.
  6. I am sitting in Alice Springs at the moment
  7. Well today I have domne Seattle - Eagle County Regional - San Diego and now enroute to Toncontin
  8. I am sitting in Seattle at present. Currently pondering if I should fly or not.
  9. I find it interesting the flaps are not deployed. I am not expert at all, but if we are seeing the reversers open, stands to reason the flaps would be too. That being said it is always very good news to hear no one was killed.
  10. Yep, It is San Cristobal, SEST. Well done.
  11. Ok Here it is. The aircraft is NOT a clue. The airport is at an elevation of 62ft/19m The airport is only in operation from Sunrise to Sunset Of the group of islands this airport is on, this is the easternmost island.
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