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  1. Hi all I havecjust got navigtaph and the jeppson charts.what i would like to no is were is the descion height on the charts fitst yime i have used these charts.
  2. Does the developers licence come eith upgrades and is it the best licence to choose
  3. Witch licence should i get if i go for p3d as i would like to pay a monthly fee.i have looked on the website but only see 1 licence you can pay for monthly and that is $19.95 with that you get professional and professional pluse witch do you use
  4. Hi all I have decided to ditch fsx steam and start a fresh i would like your apinion on witch sim to get. The two i have thought about are x plane11 and prepard as i am upgrading my graphics card 1060 ti and the two update the sim and want a more updated sim.
  5. Hi all Can anybody recomend a shader software for fsx steam as i have seen a shader software for p3d called tomato shader i was woundering if there is any software similar to that if anybody can advice it would be appreciated
  6. I will send you a link brett also look on navigraphs web site as well it will tell you all about it in-depth it will be called charts6 witch i think all simmers will get but have a good read and tell us what you think i have subscribed to navigraph only cost me 7.83 a month and for that i get airacs every month plus charts and chsrts cloud but cant wait for the new update also you can have the Android or i phone app witvh you get off google store or apple store.
  7. Also to add there will be a simmlink that connects to your sim and have the map with your aircraft moving on it very good.
  8. Hi all Just been testing navigraph new beta that i am using and the jeppson charts and the also a map that connects to your simm. At the moment fsx fsx-se and x plane 10 and 11 surppoted on the beta version but the full release version i think will support all versions.
  9. Hi all As anybody got active sky 2016.whst i want to no is how do you get the webhost on a smart phone aa in the manual it does not tell you.as anybody tried it and if so how dod you do it.
  10. Hi all I am thinking of purchasing the 757 collection from quality wings.i would like to no if any simmers have bought this and is using it with fsx steam and if you have had any issues.
  11. Hi all I am looking for a payware addon airbus 330 for fsx steam.i have already got Airbus 320 snd 321 can anybody point us to a good payware airbus 330.
  12. Thanks for that jess i thought o jad done somthing wrong
  13. Reading about flightsim world id it looks like flight school is built inbto the new sim that is why they have took it off steam but steam is doing an early access this month lets hope we get some good reports back
  14. Hi all Can somebody help me. I have downloaded the latest airac cycle from navigraph when i go in to the mcdu it has 2 airac cycles in the new one and underneath it say second with October.i think its from the one witch comes with the airbus when you buy it.ca anybody advise plesse.
  15. Looks good we can only wait and see what the finished product looks and plays 64 bit sim what we all were waiting what for.The only problem is how many 3rd parties like aerosoft pmdg active sky etc are going to be compatible as they ate going to have to make 64bit to wotk eith this.
  16. Hi Brett The reason why I asked because I have fsx steam and have read that the new update version of aes works with similar connect. I was just asking if anybody on here as tried the new update of aes on fsx steam also I have add on zurich from aerosoft witch you have to have aes to make the jet ways work
  17. Hi all As anybody tried the new update aes v 2.43 on fax steam as it says it now uses simm connect in stead of the old vistamare modul
  18. Hi all Let's see what the new flight sim looks like when released later in the year by dtg.it may surprise us all.we have been wating for a long time for a new flight sim to cone out.let's see what the finished product looks like.let's not for get fsx was made by Microsoft.let's see if dtg can match or do even better.let's comment on the product when it gets released and share our comments then.once we get more information and videos of the new flight sim.not flight school but the big release later in the year.
  19. I would like to say that it is great news for us simmers the only thing I would like to say.Has dtg informed 3 party developers that the new sim is going to be 64bit.as fsx is 32 bit.it would be nice to have asn and pmdg aerosoft orbx uk200 etc to have there products for the new sim.my only concern would be how much in price if they make 64bit for the new sim by dtg.we can only wait and see
  20. I all I would like to share with you all if not heard.navigraph have started to do beta testing on android devices witch I have got and so far it is doing fine on the android tablet will keep you updated.
  21. I all I would like to share with you all if not heard.navigraph have started to do beta testing on android devices witch I have got and so far it is doing fine on the android tablet will keep you updated.
  22. I have got a number of aircraft but the one I fly has to be the airbus 320 witch I'd my favourite. The way I look at it is you can only fly 1 aircraft at a time no matter what sim you have if it's prepared 3d fsx or fsx steam or fsx 9 but it is nice to have a collection of aircraft from your old up to the upto date aircraft.I am wating on the aersoft airbus 330 to come out this year hopefully and with dovetail releasing a new sim this year it looks like for us simmers things are looking up for a change
  23. Brett I have uninstalled and done a fresh download it may be as you said my graphics card I have a radeon r9 200 but changing it next year to a navidia gtx 980 4gb as I think the radeon may be a hit and miss
  24. Brett Yes I have special effects set to high is that the problem
  25. Yes I have got a number of addons but I reboot it has only just started doing it.I don't no what the cause is.I even uninstalled all my addons just incase but made no difference.I am woudering if it's my graphics card I have a radeon r9 200 2gb and I am having to use a hdmi vga adapter as when I plug my hdmi cable into the moniter I don't get a signal.next year I am upgrading my graphics card to a 4gb navidia gtx980
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